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Status Led - Honeywell MB4-BAT-SCN02 Quick Start Manual

4-bay battery charging station
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Status LED

Ensure all components are dry prior to mating
batteries with peripheral devices. Mating wet
components may cause damage not covered by the
Each charging slot has a dedicated status LED located to the
left of the slot.
LED Status
Amber solid
Green solid
Red blinking
Red solid
The charger should be on a dry, stable surface and can be
mounted on a flat, horizontal surface such as a desktop or work-
bench. When choosing a location, always keep in mind:
• The mounting location must allow users easy access to the
power connector.
• The charger should be oriented so that users can easily insert
and remove battery packs and see the LEDs.
The battery is properly seated in the slot and
is charging.
The battery is fully charged.
Battery fault.
Temperature error.
No battery is installed or the battery is
improperly installed.