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Handling A Gbic; Installing A Gbic - Cisco WS-G5486 Installation Note

Gigabit interface converter
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with IEEE standards. The IEEE found that link distances could not be met with certain types of
fiber-optic cable cores. The solution is to launch light from the laser at a precise offset from the
center, which is accomplished by using the mode-conditioning patch cord. At the output of the patch
cord, the LX/LH GBIC is compliant with the IEEE 802.3z standard for 1000BaseLX.
should measure your cable plant with an optical loss test set to verify that the optical loss of the cable
plant (including connectors and splices) is less than or equal to this figure. The optical loss
measurement must

Handling a GBIC

GBIC handling guidelines follow:
GBICs are static sensitive. To prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage, follow your normal
board and component handling procedures.
GBICs are dust sensitive. When storing a GBIC or when a fiber-optic cable is not plugged in,
always keep plugs in the GBIC optical bores.
The most common source of contaminants in the optical bores is debris picked up on the ferrules
of the optical connectors. Use an alcohol swab or Kim-Wipe to clean the ferrules of the optical

Installing a GBIC

Gigabit Ethernet switching modules can be shipped with or without GBICs installed.
Perform the following steps to install a GBIC.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
The mode-conditioning patch cord (CAB-GELX-625 or equivalent) is required to comply
The WS-G5487 1000Base-ZX GBIC provides an optical power budget of 21.5 dB. You
be performed with a 1550 nm light source.
GBICs are hot-swappable in Gigabit Ethernet modules.
Remove the GBIC from its protective packaging.
Check the part number to verify that the GBIC is the correct type for your network (see
the "GBIC Description" section on page 2).
Grip the sides of the GBIC with your thumb and forefinger and insert the GBIC into the
slot on the front panel of the Gigabit Ethernet switching module, as shown in Figure 2.
GBICs are keyed to prevent incorrect insertion.
Gigabit Interface Converter Installation Note
Handling a GBIC



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