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Gbic Description - Cisco WS-G5486 Installation Note

Gigabit interface converter
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GBIC Description

GBIC Description
The GBIC is a hot-swappable input/output device that plugs into a Gigabit Ethernet port, linking the
port with the fiber-optic network. A GBIC is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1
Table 1 is a list of the available GBICs.
Table 1
Short wavelength (1000BaseSX)
Long wavelength/long haul
Extended distance (1000BaseZX)
The WS-G5484, 1000BaseSX operates on ordinary multi-mode fiber optic link spans of up to 550 m
in length (See Table 4).
The WS-G5486, 1000BaseLX/LH interfaces fully comply with the IEEE 802.3z 1000BaseLX
standard. However, their higher optical quality allows them to reach 10 km over single-mode fiber
(SMF) versus the 5 km specified in the standard.
The WS-G5487, 1000BaseZX operates on ordinary single mode fiber optic link spans of up to 70
km in length. Link spans of up to 100 km are possible using premium single mode fiber or dispersion
shifted single mode fiber (premium single mode fiber has a lower attenuation per unit length than
ordinary single mode fiber; dispersion shifted single mode fiber has both lower attenuation per unit
length, and less dispersion).
The WS-G5487 must be coupled to single mode fiber optic cable, which is the type of cable typically
used in long haul telecommunications applications. The WS-G5487 will not operate correctly when
coupled to multi-mode fiber, and it is not intended to be used in application environments (e.g.
building backbones, horizontal cabling) where multi-mode fiber is frequently used.
The WS-G5487 is intended to be used as a Physical Medium Dependent (PMD) component for
Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, as found on various switch and router products. It will operate at a
signaling rate of 1250 MBaud, transmitting and receiving 8B/10B encoded data.
2 Gigabit Interface Converter Installation Note
Gigabit Interface Converter
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