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Removing The Chopped Food / Whipped Cream; After Use; Maintenance / Cleaning - Silvercrest SMZC 500 A1 User Manual And Service Information

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SilverCrest SMZC 500 A1
Ice cubes
* Use the emulsifying disc (6) provided for whipping cream. The processing time until the desired
consistency of cream is reached can vary based on the fat content. Please also note the maximum fill level
of 500 ml also applies to cream.
The breaks set out in the list give the ingredients the chance to come back into contact with the
cutting blades (5). If the ingredients get stuck to the inside of the glass bowl (7), push them
down with a scraper, for example, and continue chopping.

Removing the chopped food / whipped cream

1. Unplug the mains plug (4) from the mains socket.
2. Remove the motor unit (2) and the lid (3).
3. Remove the cutting blades (5) or the emulsifying disc (6) from the glass bowl (7).
Risk of injury
The cutting blades (5) are extremely sharp. Be very careful when handling the cutting
blades (5).
4. Remove the food. You can use a scraper, for example.
5. Clean the lid (3), cutting blades (5), emulsifying disc (6) and glass bowl (7). For more on this, please
refer to the "Maintenance / cleaning" section on page 14.

After use

After use, clean the Mini Chopper as described in the "Maintenance / cleaning" section below. Then store
the Mini Chopper in a safe place away from dust.

Maintenance / cleaning

It is recommended that you clean the Mini Chopper before first use and immediately after each use so
that no remnants of food can set in the glass bowl (7) and on the cutting blades (5) or the emulsifying
disc (6).
14 - English
100 g
min. 200 ml
Recommended time
coarse 10 x 1 sec.
fine 20 x 1 sec.
1 x 40 sec.
Speed II
Speed I

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Table of Contents

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