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Troubleshooting; Environmental Regulations And Disposal Information - Silvercrest SMZC 500 A1 User Manual And Service Information

Mini chopper
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SilverCrest SMZC 500 A1


If your Mini Chopper does not work as normal, follow the instructions below to try to solve the problem. If
working through the tips below does not fix the fault, please contact our hotline (see "Warranty
information" on page 17).
Risk of electric shock!
Never try to repair the device yourself.
WARNING - Risk of injury!
Before putting your hands into the glass bowl (7), (for example, to remove stubborn food
residues from the cutting blade (5)) or taking the motor block (2) out of the glass bowl (7),
always remove the mains plug (4) from the mains socket and ensure that the cutting blades (5)
are no longer turning.
Mini Chopper not
The cutting blades
(5) or emulsifying
disc (6) are turning
slowly or not at all.

Environmental regulations and disposal information

If this symbol depicting a crossed-out rubbish bin appears on a product, the product is
subject to European Directive 2012/19/EU. All electrical and electronic devices must
be disposed of separately from household waste at official disposal centres.
Do not dispose of the appliance in household waste or bulky waste collections.
Information on collection points and pick-up times can be obtained from your local
council or waste disposal company.
16 - English
Possible causes
Mains plug not connected
Motor unit (2) not fitted
correctly to lid (3)
Cutting blades (5) or
emulsifying disc (6) are
blocked or the food is too
Connect the power cable (4) to a live mains
Place the motor unit (2) properly on to the lid
(3). See steps 7 to 9 in the section on "Setting
up and filling the Mini Chopper" on page 11.
Remove any solid objects from the glass
bowl (7).
If necessary, add a little liquid to the glass
bowl (7).
Check that you have assembled the Mini
Chopper correctly.

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Table of Contents

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