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Storing The Mini Chopper - Silvercrest SMZC 500 A1 User Manual And Service Information

Mini chopper
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Risk of electric shock!
Always remove the mains plug from the socket before cleaning. Failure to do so could
cause an electric shock.
Do not pour or spray any liquids onto the motor unit (2) and do not immerse it in water
or other liquids. This could cause short circuits which could cause electric shocks or burns.
Warning about property damage
Do not use abrasive or astringent detergents or tools which could scratch the surface of the
motor unit (2). This could cause damage to the motor unit (2) housing.
Clean the motor unit (2), the plastic non-slip ring (9) and the power cable (4) with a dry or damp cloth.
You can wash up the lid (3), the glass bowl (7), the cutting blades (5) and the emulsifying disc (6)
normally or put them in the dishwasher.
Risk of injury
The cutting blades (5) are extremely sharp. Be very careful when washing and handling the
cutting blades (5).

Storing the Mini Chopper

Store the Mini Chopper in a safe place away from dust. It is best to keep it assembled and leave the
cutting blades (5) and emulsifying disc (6) in the glass bowl (7). This keeps all the individual parts to hand
so they do not get lost and keeps the cutting blade (5) safely stored away so that nobody can
accidentally cut themselves.
SilverCrest SMZC 500 A1
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Table of Contents

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