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Using The Pip (Picture-In-Picture) Mode; Using A Disc Pop Up Menu; Displaying Blu-Ray Disc Information; Using The Picture Menu - RCA BRC3108 User Manual

Rca portable blu-ray player user manual
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Using the PiP (Picture-in-picture) mode

Some Blu-ray Discs support picture-in-picture
(PiP) mode. In PiP mode, the primary video is
displayed on the full screen, and the secondary
video is displayed in a small window.
• Press PiP button to turn PiP mode on or
• Press AUDIO or SUBTITLE button to turn
the audio/subtitle for the video in the PiP
window on or off. Then use cursor buttons
and OK button to select your preferred
• The available options of Audio vary from different disc format.
• PiP Subititle is not available for all discs. It only applies to Blu-ray discs that supports picture-in-picture

Using a Disc Pop Up Menu

1. During Blu-ray or DVD playback, press POP UP button, the Blu-ray popup menu or the title menu of DVD
disc opens.
2. Press the cursor buttons to select an option, then press OK button.
Displaying Disc Information
• Press INFO button, your unit displays information about the Disc, such as type of disc, current elapsed time
in title, total number of chapters.
• Press INFO button again to exit.
The information displayed for discs other than Blu-ray Discs will be different.

Using the Picture Menu

Press the PICTURE button, you may change the Brightness,
Contrast, Backlight and Screen.
• Use the
button to highlight your selection, then
use the
to change the settings.
• Your setting will be changed immediately.
Primary video
Secondary video



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