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Playing A Blu-Ray Disc Or Dvd; Pausing Playback (Still Mode); Stopping Playback; Skipping To A Different Track - RCA BRC3108 User Manual

Rca portable blu-ray player user manual
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Playing a Blu-ray Disc or DVD

This owner's manual explains the basic instructions
for operating this unit. Some discs are produced in
a manner that allows specific or limited operation
during playback. Therefore, this unit may not
respond to all operating commands.
NOT A DEFECT. Please refer to the instructions
accompanying the specific disc in question for
Playing a Blu-ray Disc or DVD
1. Slide the CHARGE/OFF/ON switch to the ON position.
See CUSTOMIZING THE DVD FUNCTION SETTINGS before proceeding to step 2.
2. Push to open the disc door.
3. Hold the disc by its edge and gently push it onto the spindle, with the label side facing the front, until you
hear a "click".
4. Push the disc door gently to close it. It takes a short while for your unit to load the disc. After loading,
for most discs, the unit will automatically take you to the main menu or start playing. If the unit does not
automatically start playing the disc, press the

Pausing Playback (Still Mode)

Press the
(PAUSE) STEP button to pause. To resume normal playback, press the
you press the
(PAUSE) STEP button, the picture advances one frame on disc .

Stopping Playback

To stop playback, press the STOP button. To resume playback, press the
disc, playback starts where it stopped or at the beginning of the disc.
If you press the STOP button twice, the unit's memory will be cleared and pressing the
reset the disc to the beginning.

Skipping to a Different Track

• Press the
SKIP button to go back to previous titles/chapters/tracks.
• Press the
SKIP button to advance titles/chapters/tracks.
• For an audio CD, use the number buttons on the remote control to go directly to the desired track
Zooming into an image
While a disc is playing, press the ZOOM button to enlarge the image in serveral levels.
• While an image is zoomed, you can use the , ,
part you want.
• To return to normal view, press the ZOOM button repeatedly until "OFF" shows. The screen will return to
• When you reach the edge of the image, the display will not shift anymore in the direction.

Fast Forward / Fast Reverse

1. Press the
• The disc begins a fast scan at two times normal (x2) speed.
• Each time the
2. Press the
PLAY button when you have reached the desired point to resume playback at normal speed.
button when a disc is playing.
button is pressed, the speed of the fast scan changes.
more information about the options available on
that disc.
" may appear on the screen during operation.
A "
" means that the desired operation is not
permitted by the unit or disc.
PLAY button.
CURSOR button to shift the view and display the
PLAY button. Each time
PLAY button. Depending on the
PLAY button will



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