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RCA RTB1016 User Manual

Rtb1016 product manual
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User Manual
Manuel de l'utilisateur
Manual del usuario
It's important to read this instruction prior to using your new product for the fi rst time.
Il est important de lire ce manuel d'instructions avant d'utiliser votre nouveau produit
pour la première foi.
Es importante que lea este libro de instrucciones antes de usar su nuevo producto por
primera vez.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for RCA RTB1016

  • Page 1 Manuel de l’utilisateur Manual del usuario RTB1016 It's important to read this instruction prior to using your new product for the fi rst time. Il est important de lire ce manuel d’instructions avant d’utiliser votre nouveau produit pour la première foi.
  • Page 2: Service Information

  • Page 3 Important Battery Information CAUTION: This product utilizes a laser. Use of controls or • Do not mix diff erent types of batteries or new and adjustments or performance of procedures other old batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries. than those specified may result in hazardous •...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    B. Any battery may leak electrolyte or explode if grounding prong. The wide blade or the third disposed of in fi re or an attempt is made to charge prong is provided for your safety. If the provided a battery not intended to be recharged.
  • Page 5: Fcc Information

    Increase the separation between the equipment other way. and receiver. If it still won’t fi t, contact a qualifi ed electrician to • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a change the outlet, or use a diff erent one. Do not at- circuit diff...
  • Page 6: Connections And Setup

    5 cm/2 inches at the rear. • The humidity of the room should not exceed 75%. If you have to use the unit outdoors, do not expose it to rain or splashing water. The apparatus should not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects fi...
  • Page 7: Connecting The Antenna

    Method 3 (basic) HDMI Composite video jack (yellow) • Connect the HDMI OUT jack on the rear of the unit • This video jack is color-coded yellow. to the HDMI IN jack on your TV using a HDMI cable • Use the video cable with yellow plugs (supplied) (not included).
  • Page 8 Method 1 (best) RJ45 connector) to the ETHERNET jack on the back Using Digital Optical Input of your player and to an Ethernet jack on a network Connect components capable of outputting hub or broadband router. Dolby digital surround sound (e.g. TV or SAT/Cable Box) or standard PCM (stereo) format digital signals.
  • Page 9: Connecting The Speakers

    Speaker wires are color-coded to match the terminals. Connect the speaker wire from the back of each speaker to the corresponding color terminal at the back of the unit. Press down the tab to open the terminal and insert the wire. Release the tab to lock wire in the terminal.
  • Page 10: Positioning Speakers

    Front speakers carry primarily music and sound ef- fects. 2. Center In surround mode, the center speaker carries most of the dialog as well as music and eff ects. It should be set between the left and right speak- Angle ers.
  • Page 11: Better Surround Placement

    Even though you adjust the surround channel to be Rear wall as loud as the others on the test signal, you may fi nd If rear wall mounting is the only choice, aim the that surround channels seems quieter for actual TV speakers at each other (A), towards the front (B) or and Movie content.
  • Page 12: Overview Of Controls

    Overview of Controls ON/OFF Press to turn on your unit, or put your unit in standby mode. When your unit is in standby mode, power is still entering your unit. To disconnect power, unplug the power cord. OPEN/CLOSE Press to open or close the disc tray.
  • Page 13 (between -10dB and +10dB). Press to turn PiP (picture in picture) mode on or off . This function is only available by Blu-ray discs if available on disc. AUDIO Accesses the audio function.
  • Page 14: Quick Setup

    Quick Setup When turned on for the fi rst time or after resetting 4. Press button to select HDMI Auto, 1080p, it to the factory default, the Quick Setup menu will 1080i , 720p, 480p or 480i and press OK.
  • Page 15: Playing A Blu-Ray Disc Or Dvd

    Blu-ray Discs will be diff erent. 3. Press OPEN/CLOSE button to open the disc tray. 4. Place a disc onto the disc tray with the label side 5. Press OPEN/CLOSE button again to close the disc tray. 6. After loading a disc, playback starts automatically, or the disc menu appears.
  • Page 16: Special Functions

    To change the camera angle: 1. Press MEM/ANGLE button on the remote • Press PiP button to turn PiP mode on or off . control. The selected angle will be displayed on • Press AUDIO or SUBTITLE button to turn the the display bar at the top of the TV screen.
  • Page 17: Playing An Audio Cd

    OPEN/CLOSE button to open the disc tray. 2. Press button to select a fi le (or 3. Place a CD on the disc tray with the label facing a folder) and press OK or button to start up, then press OPEN/CLOSE button to close playback.
  • Page 18: Using A Usb Device

    Creating Netfl ix account Pictures If you are not a Netfl ix Member: Select “no”. Read the instructions displayed on the TV screen, and visit http://www.netfl from your PC. Sign up to create your account, then select “I’m now a member”.
  • Page 19 Pandora. player: b. Select “I am new to Pandora” from option list and press OK button. (Play) To start playing movie. c. You will be given an activation code, then use To pause playback while in PLAY mode.
  • Page 20: Enjoying Bd-Live

    TV, Game System, VCR, Satellite or Cable Box can be downloaded to the external memory (local to this unit using the AUDIO IN jacks at the back of storage) for enjoyment. the unit. The AUX input provides an analog audio In order to access BD-Live functions, the Blu-ray connection especially suitable for older devices.
  • Page 21: Manual Tuning

    Radio This unit has a built-in digital-tuning FM radio. Manual tuning Tips: 1. Connect the FM antenna at the back of the unit. • When a strong FM signal is tuned, ST is 2. Press TUNER button. displayed. 3. Tune a station by pressing TUNE buttons •...
  • Page 22: The Settings Menu

    • Only the HDMI output on your unit supports disc, the disc’s language will be used instead. 1080p video output at any frame rate. If the TV is • If the language chosen is available, it is connected to the component output, the video automatically selected when you display output is limited to 1080i or lower.
  • Page 23: Audio Setting

    The Settings Menu Film Mode Digital Output: Movies are recorded on fi lm at a rate of 24 pictures • PCM Stereo — Sets the HDMI audio format to (frames) per second. Many of the movies on Blu-ray PCM Stereo, this is useful if you have an audio discs are recorded on the discs at this frame rate.
  • Page 24: Speaker Setting

    Dolby Pro Note Logic. Setting a speaker to “Off ” will result in no sound being delivered to this speaker. We highly recommend you leave all speakers set to “On”. EN-23...
  • Page 25: System Setting

    OK button. Optical Disc AutoPlay IP Settings If On is selected, the player will play a disc automatically when the unit is turned on, or if you press the BD/USB Link Status Link Down button. MAC Address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx...
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    “No thanks. I’ll go minutes. Switch it on again. through the full setup menu later”, and then • If the SLEEP SETUP (see page 12 for details) is set press OK. to 30, 60, 90,120 minutes, the device will turn off...
  • Page 27 • Make sure that the USB fl ash drive is a USB 2.0 de- • Check that the remote control is confi gured to vice. Using a USB1.1 device may cause pausing.
  • Page 28: Additional Information

    • Do not close the tray with two discs in it or with a surges. disc not sitting correctly in the holder.
  • Page 29 “.jpg” extension. Files without the “.jpg” exten- DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW sion will not be able to be read by the unit --- even Most DVD-R and DVD+R (one recording thought the fi les are shown as JPEG images on your only), DVD-RW and DVD+RW discs computer.
  • Page 30 Without limiting the foregoing, unless expressly authorized by the applicable...
  • Page 31: Limited Warranty

    AVC products purchased in the United States are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of their original retail purchase. If the unit fails to conform to this warranty, we will service the product using new or refurbished parts and products, at AVC's sole discretion.
  • Page 32 In no event shall AVC be liable for consequential or incidental damages.

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