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Using Usb Port; Using Headphones/Earphones; Ethernet Jack - Connecting To A Home Network - RCA BRC3108 User Manual

Rca portable blu-ray player user manual
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C. Using USB port
You can connect a USB flash drive (not included) to the USB port on the unit to play picture files.
For operation of file playback on the USB flash drive, please refer to the section "Playing Picture Files".
• It is recommended that the product is turned OFF when you plug in a USB flash drive.
• It does not support USB hard disk mass storage devices, multi-card readers and other USB computer
• It only supports USB flash drives (FAT32/16, max. capacity 32G bytes, max video bitrate is 7Mbps).
• Make sure your USB flash drive is FAT16/FAT32 file system. All other file systems will not be supported.
D. Using Headphones/Earphones
headphones/earphones. Slowly raise the volume with
the headphones on until you reach your desired volume.
When headphones are connected, the speaker is
automatically disabled.
For you convenience, we've included two headphone
jacks - allowing two Users to listen at the same time.
Excessive sound pressure from earphones and
headphones can cause hearing loss. Avoid
listening to sound at excessive levels which could be
harmful to your ears.
E. Ethernet Jack - Connecting to a Home Network
This jack is currently not operational. However, a Product Software Upgrade (on may
be available that will enable you to activate the ethernet jack and use your player to support BD-Live
If you've upgraded the Product Software to activate the ethernet jack, and you have a working home
network with internet access:
1. Connect this jack to your Home Network Router using an ethernet cable.
2. Connect a USB Flash Drive (with 1GB or more free space on it) to the USB port on the front of the player
(this is required for BD-Live operation).
• Do not connect a modular phone cable to the LAN jack.
• When plugging or unplugging the cable, hold the connector on the end of the cable. When unplugging,
do not pull on the cable. Press down the lock tab and pull the connector out of the jack.
• Ensure your Home Network is operating correctly, ensure you have a connection to the Internet. Follow
the instructions from your Internet Service Provider, or your Home Network's Router Manual on testing
your Home Network's operation.
[1/8" (3.5mm) diameter plug]



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