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AEG THYRO-S 1S*H 1 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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Betriebsanleitung/Operating Instructions
THYRO-S 1S...H 1
THYRO-S 1S...H 1


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   Summary of Contents for AEG THYRO-S 1S*H 1 Series

  • Page 1

    Betriebsanleitung/Operating Instructions Thyro-S Thyristor-Schalter THYRO-S 1S...H 1 THYRO-S 1S...H RL1 Thyristor-Switch THYRO-S 1S...H 1 THYRO-S 1S...H RL1...

  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions The following safety and operating instructions must be careful- ly read before assembly, installation and commissioning. Obligation to give instructions The following safety and operating instructions must be carefully read before initial assembly, installation and commissioning of Thyro-A by those persons working with or on Thyro-A.

  • Page 3

    ATTENTION the required cross section and the appropriate screw cross sec- Different components in the power section are scre- tions. wed into place using exact torques. For safety reasons, power component repairs must be performed by AEG Power Solutions GmbH.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Additional control voltage input Digital set point input Block diagram 1S...H 1 Safety instructions Connections and terminal strips 1S...H1 Safety regulations Block connection diagram 1S ... H RL1 Remarks on the present operating instructions Connections and terminal strips and Thyro-S Interfaces Introduction Bus module at the systems interface...

  • Page 5: Safety Regulations

    List of illustrations and tables Safety regulations Important instructions and explanations The skilled personnel assembling and disassembling the devices, Fig. 1 Block diagram 1S...H1 commissioning them and maintaining them must know and observe Fig. 2 Terminal plan 1S...H1 these safety regulations. Fig.

  • Page 6

    (e.g. overload) may occur. Any unauthorized reconstruction and modification of Thyro-S, use of spare and exchange parts not approved by AEG Power Solutions as well as any other use of Thyro-S is not permitted. The person responsible for the system must ensure that...

  • Page 7: Remarks On The Present Operating Instructions And Thyro-s

    AEG Power Solutions reserves the right to content modifica- tions and technical changes within the present operating instructions without obligation to notification.

  • Page 8: Introduction

    1. Introduction CANopen and Device Net, other bus systems on request. • PC software Thyro-Tool Familiy, visual and operational software Thyro-S meets the demands for simple assembly, speedy commissi- 1.2.1 Extension using 1S...H RL1 oning and safer operation. • With additional 24V control voltage supply also applicable for mains For transport, assembly, installation, commissioning, operation and decommissioning, it is essential that the safety instructions included voltages >...

  • Page 9: Functions

    2. Functions If a full wave is to be switched to the load, the trigger signal ON must be switched on not later than 1 ms before the mains voltage cross- over otherwise it remains inactive. No new full wave is triggered if the trigger signal is interrupted up to 1.25 ms before the crossover of the 2.1 Operating modes full wave.

  • Page 10: Equipment Temperature Monitoring

    2.3.2 Equipment temperature monitoring The control board is equipped with a temperature monitor. 2.5.1 Thyristor short-circuit monitoring If a fault occurs, the red LED blinks. The devices of the Thyro-S...H RL1 series have built in thyristor short- circuit monitoring. If no set point signal is available at the device, the thyristor short-circuit monitoring checks the current flow to the load.

  • Page 11: Operation

    3. Operation Tab. 1 Load monitoring No. of parallel Resistance Recommended Poti load nom load resis- increase in case setting for poti revolutions 3.1 Configuration switch S1 tances e.g. of fault R205 type/controller A 4-pole DIP switch is situated at the front behind the hood. The indivi- Number dual switches are marked from 1-4 starting from the bottom and must 100%...

  • Page 12: Diagnosis / Status Indications

    3.3 Diagnosis / status indication Tab. 2 LED signals Thyro-S Faults can occur in the load circuit and in the controller itself or from the mains. Diagnosis of unexpected operating behaviour is performed by LEDs on the front panel of the control device.

  • Page 13: External Connections

    4. External connections 4.4 Digital set point input The digital set point input X22.1 works with a logic signal. It can, for To connect the control signals use twisted or screened control lines. If example, be gated by 24V DC. If a voltage of more than 3V is availa- the controller is being used in UL conditions then only 60°C or 75°C ble at this input then the Thyro-S is switched on;...

  • Page 14: Block Diagram 1s

    4.6 Connections and terminal strips 1S...H 1 4.5 Block diagram 1S...H 1 This chapter describes all existing terminal strips and plug connec- tions. Fig. 1 Block diagram Fig. 2 Terminal plan 1S...H 1 System interface Earth RM 3,5 RxD / connection to bus module TxD / connection to bus module Bus module recognition Earth...

  • Page 15: Block Connection Diagram 1s

    4.7 Block diagram 1S ... H RL1 4.8 Connections and terminal strips In the block diagram the functions of type H RL1 are shown. This chapter describes all existing terminal strips and plug connec- The central control element is a e -controller. tions.

  • Page 16: Interfaces

    5. Interfaces Fig. 6 Operation Thyro 1S...H RL1 H 100 GREEN ON The Thyristor Switch of type range Thyro-S...1 are all equipped with a system interface at terminal strip X22. Either a bus module or a PC interface with a PC connection can be operated from this. GREEN Diagnosis H 230...

  • Page 17: Thyro-tool Family

    6. Mains load optimization 5.2.1 Thyro-Tool Family Fig. 7 User surface Thyro-Tool Family Thyro-S is not suitable for mains load optimization in multiple con- troller applications. If mains load optimization is necessary, Thyristor controllers of type Thyro-A or Thyro-P must be used. 7.

  • Page 18

    Fig. 8 Conection diagram Thyro-S 1S...H 1 Fig. 9 Connecting diagram 2x Thyro-S 1S...H 1...

  • Page 19

    Fig. 10 Connecting diagram Thyro-S 1S...H RL1 Fig. 11 Connecting diagram 2x Thyro-S 1S...H RL1...

  • Page 20: Special Remarks

    8. Special remarks 8.4 Checklist • LED ON lights up green -> mains voltage or supply voltage is 8.1 Installation available • LED ON not lights up green Thyro-S requires a vertical fitting position. With cabinet mounting suf- · Check fusing of the power unit (built in semi-conductor fuse F1). ficient ventilation of the cabinet must be ensured.

  • Page 21: Type Overview

    9. Type overview 10. Technical data Type voltage 9.1 Type 1S...H 1 S..H1 230 Volt, 400 Volt, 500 Volt Thyristor switches with incorporated semiconductor fuse and system – 57 % + 10 %; bus interface. S..HRL1 230 Volt – 15 % + 10 %; Type capacity [kW] Dimensions in mm / kg >...

  • Page 22: Dimensional Drawings

    11. Dimensional drawings Ambient temperature Max. surrounding air temperature 40°C 45°C natural air cooling (without fan) If the maximum ambient temperature is reduced then the maximum load current can be increased up to 110% of the nominal current. In which case the following applies: 1% more current requires a tem- perature reduction of 1°C.

  • Page 23: Accessories And Options

    Thyro-S 1S (100H) Thyro-S 1S (280H) 12. Accessories and options Order no. Support for 35 mm snap-on assembly 16A and 30A Order no. Support for 35 mm snap-on assembly for 45A and 60A Order no. PC Software Thyro-Tool Family Order no.

  • Page 24: Approvals And Conformities

    13. Approvals and conformities In Detail Conditions for usen Built-in unit (VDE 0160) EN 50 178 General requirements EN 60146-1 No product norm exists for Thyristor switches so that a useful norm Design, vertical installation structure can be built up based on the corresponding basic norms Operating conditions EN 60 146-1-1;...

  • Page 25

    Emil-Siepmann-Str. 32 59581 Warstein-Belecke Germany Tel.: +49(0)2902 763 -520 / -290 Fax: +49(0)2902 763 -1201

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