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Philips Fidelio SoundSphere User Manual

Mini wireless speakers with airplay
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  Summary of Contents for Philips Fidelio SoundSphere

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Safety Notice Your Entertainment System Introduction What’s in the box What else you need Overview of the main speaker Overview of the remote control Prepare Connect Prepare the remote control Connect to your home Wi-Fi network for AirPlay Scenario 1: Connect to a WPS router Scenario 2: Connect to a non-WPS router Play...
  • Page 3: Important

    k Only use attachments/accessories 1 Important separation distance of at least 20 cm from Warning all persons and must not be collocated or specified by the manufacturer. • operating in conjunction with any other Never remove the casing of this apparatus. l Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, •...
  • Page 4 “Made for iPod, ” “Made for iPhone, ” and “Made Please visit for for iPad” mean that an electronic accessory additional information on a recycling center in has been designed to connect specifically to your area.
  • Page 5: Your Entertainment System

    Philips offers, register your product at What’s in the box If you contact Philips, you will be asked for the model and serial number of this apparatus. The Check and identify the contents of your model number and serial number are on the package: bottom of the apparatus.
  • Page 6: Overview Of The Remote Control

    Overview of the remote 3 Prepare • Start or pause play. control Always follow the instructions in this chapter in sequence. Connect Connect speaker cables Note • For optimal sound, use the supplied speakers only. • The supplied DIN cable is only intended for use with •...
  • Page 7: Connect To Your Home Wi-Fi Network For Airplay

    For first-time use: 4 Connect to Make sure that DS6800W has been Remove the protective tab to activate the powered on and booted up successfully your home Wi- remote control battery. (see ‘Turn DS6800W on’ on page 11). To replace the remote control battery: Identify the type of your Wi-Fi router (see Fi network for the user manual of your Wi-Fi router for...
  • Page 8: Scenario 2: Connect To A Non-Wps Router

    • The Wi-Fi enabled device can be an iPod touch/ Make sure that there are no other Philips AirPlay- enabled devices in Assisted Wi-Fi Setup mode at the iPhone/iPad or a Wi-Fi enabled PC/Mac. same time. Multiple new Wi-Fi networks created this...
  • Page 9 Wait until successful Wi-Fi connection on your PC/Mac. • If Philips Fidelio AirPlay is not in the list, try to scan the available Wi-Fi networks again. Use your Wi-Fi enabled PC/Mac Note • See the user manual of your PC/Mac for how to connect your PC/Mac to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Page 10 Enter your network key if required. Select ‘Philips_Fidelio XXX’ from the Bonjour pull-down list shown at the bookmarks bar. » The DS6800W configuration web Network Configuration Network Configuration page is displayed. Click OK on the popup menu to confirm Select your network name (SSID) from the your change.
  • Page 11 DS6800W in AirPlay Device Name on the DS6800W configuration web page. This is helpful when you have Select your network name (SSID) from the multiple Philips AirPlay-enabled devices in your house and you need to distinguish between them. list of available wireless networks.
  • Page 12: Play

    • (1) Disconnect and then re-connect to the same Wi-Fi iPad to download the Philips Fidelio application router again; • (2) Close all applications running at the background;...
  • Page 13: Play/Charge Your Ipod/Iphone/Ipad Through Usb Socket

    For advanced sound settings, you can use the • the USB socket on the back of equalizer available on iTunes directly (View -> DS6800W. Show Equalizer). • the charging port on your iPod/ iPhone/iPad. Press to select the USB source. •...
  • Page 14: Update Firmware

    To improve the performance of DS6800W, Always connect your DS6800W to AC power for firmware upgrade. Never power off your DS6800W Philips may offer you new firmware for upgrade during firmware upgrade. of your DS6800W. Please register your product at
  • Page 15: Product Information

    - Main Unit Specifications • If your Wi-Fi router is Wi-Fi 802.11n unsolved, go to the Philips web site (www. certified, make sure to enable the 802.11b/ When you contact g mode. DS6800W does not support Philips, ensure that the apparatus is nearby Amplifier...
  • Page 16 also change the Wi-Fi security mode to • Video streaming or FTP downloads may secure your network. overload your router and therefore may cause interruptions during AirPlay music Occasional breaking of AirPlay music play. Try to reduce the load of your router. streaming Do one or all of the following: •...

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