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NEC 535 Manual

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Copyright Ó 2004 by NEC America, Inc. All rights reserved.
NEC is a registered trademark of NEC Corporation.
All other company or product names are the trademarks of their respective owners.
Manual Part Number: 621-0353
Version 1**
**This may include features not available in all NEC 535 phones, or may not include features available in updated or later version
NEC 535 phones. Contact NEC Service Support with any questions.
NEC America, Inc. ("NEC") reserves the right to make changes or improvements to any of the products described in this guide
without prior notice.
All features, specifications, conditions, and actual colors are subject to change without notice.
The availability of particular products may vary by region. Some operations and features are network and subscription dependent
and are not available in all areas. Check with your wireless service provider for availability and description of features.
Some of the mobile Internet services have been pre-configured by the service provider.
Printed in U.S.A.
WARNING! The power cords of this product contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other
reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for NEC 535

  • Page 1 Manual Part Number: 621-0353 Version 1** **This may include features not available in all NEC 535 phones, or may not include features available in updated or later version NEC 535 phones. Contact NEC Service Support with any questions. NEC America, Inc. (”NEC”) reserves the right to make changes or improvements to any of the products described in this guide without prior notice.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Antenna ......19 Licenses ......20 NEC 535 Getting Started (TBD) Wireless System Structure.
  • Page 3 Using Call Features During a Call ....34 NEC 535 Wireless Phone ..... . 55 Placing a Call On Hold.
  • Page 5: Nec

    Every time you use your wireless phone, different organizations are involved: All the 535 features described in this user guide are supported by your phone. However, for all these features to work, you must have a SIM card (main piece that the whole phone functions on; included in the box supplied by your Service Provider) that also supports these features.
  • Page 6: User Guide Instructions

    User Guide Instructions The instructions for all tasks and phone functions start at the Idle screen (see page ) unless instructed otherwise. These instructions make use of shortcut selections except for special cases. The instruction “press” means to press a key or button for one second or less. The instruction “press and HOLD”...
  • Page 7: Phone Controls

    Phone Controls At the Idle screen, press Softkey 1 to access Messages; press Softkey 2 to access mMode Softkey 1 and Softkey 2 functions change according to the phone’s current use. Softkey 1 function displays on the bottom, left corner of the graphic display screen. Softkey 2 function displays on the bottom, right corner of the graphic display screen. Softkey 1 is located on the upper left of the round shape with the navigation keys on the keypad.
  • Page 8: Parts And Functions

    Parts and Functions...
  • Page 9: Display Information

    Display Information The LCDs on your phone use high-precision technology. Even so, the LCDs may contain pixels (dote) that fail to light or remain permanently lit. Note that this is normal and does not indicate a problem with your display. Check box and Radio Buttons A check box enables/disables a feature or option.
  • Page 10: Lcd And Displayed Icons

    LCD and Displayed Icons...
  • Page 12: Main Menu

    Main Menu The menu structure begins with the Main Menu icons for top level options. To access a menu option: Press MENU to access the Main Menu and press the option number 1 through 8 or highlight and select the desired option.
  • Page 13: Sub-Menus And Options Menu

    Sub-Menus and Options Menu A sub-menu list displays for the selected Main Menu option. The sub-menu options are shown in the table on the previous page. Press the sub-menu option number or highlight and select the desired sub-menu option. You may also highlight the desired option and Right navigation key to advance to the next sub-menu.
  • Page 14: Keypad Shortcuts

    Keypad Shortcuts The following shortcuts are available from the Idle screen. Press and HOLD Key To Key Name Press Key To Access Message Inbox Softkey 1 Access Mail screen Access Java applications Softkey 2 Access mMode screen Set the Side key lock MENU Access Main Menu or Options menu Access Message screen...
  • Page 15: Main Phone Features

    Main Phone Features The 535 phone can be used almost anywhere in the world with tri-band operation (GSM 850/1800/190 bands). Your phone has the following features: Games (user may delete) Multi-party call capability (conference calling) 2 Softkeys One-button Internet access (mMode)
  • Page 16: Safety And Performance

    Safety and Performance Fully charge the phone’s battery before you use your new wireless phone (see page 25 for the first time charging instructions). User Caution Phone settings should be adjusted to suit the likes and preferences of the individual user. Users sensitive to loud noises or sudden alarms should take care not to use or set the phone in any manner that may result in the user being unduly alarmed.
  • Page 17: Safety

    Do not attempt to disassemble the phone or any of its accessories. For repair, contact an NEC qualified repair center. Use only a damp or anti-static cloth to clean the phone. Do NOT use a dry cloth, a saturated wet-cloth, or electrostatically...
  • Page 18: General Safety

    The vibration could cause the phone to move into the high heat and cause a hazard. Using any battery pack, AC adapter, or vehicle power adapter not specified by the manufacturer for use with the 535 wireless phone may create a potential safety hazard.
  • Page 19: Radio Frequency (Rf) Signals

    Display Grant section at after search on FCC ID A98-KMP6J1L1-9. For body worn operation, this phone has been tested and meets the FCC RF exposure guidelines when used with a NEC accessory designated for this product or when used with an accessory that contains no metal and that positions the handset a minimum of 1.5 cm from the body.
  • Page 20: Aircraft Safety

    Aircraft Safety The use of wireless phones in aircraft may be dangerous to the operation of the aircraft and may be illegal. Any use of a wireless phone on board an aircraft must be in accordance with applicable regulations. Follow all flight crew instructions. When instructed to turn off your wireless telephone, do so.
  • Page 21: Electromagnetic Interference

    Electromagnetic Interference Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio frequency (RF) signals; however, certain electronic equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals from your wireless phone. Pacemakers The Health Industry Manufacturers Association recommends a minimum separation of six inches (or 15 cm) be maintained between a handheld wireless phone and a pacemaker.
  • Page 22: Battery Care And Disposal

    Use only a battery approved by NEC for the NEC 535 wireless phone. Using any battery pack or AC adapter not specified by NEC for use with the NEC 535 may be dangerous and may invalidate any warranty and approval given to the wireless phone. Do not connect more than one charger at any time.
  • Page 23: Performance

    Use only batteries, chargers, and authentic accessories approved by NEC. Modifications, the use of third party equipment, cables, or accessories that are not made or AUTHORIZED by NEC may invalidate any approval or warranty of your phone, may adversely affect the phone’s operation, and may be dangerous. For availability of approved accessories, check with your wireless phone dealer.
  • Page 24: Licenses

    Licenses Text Input and the T9 logo are registered trademarks of Tegic Communication. T9 Text Input is licensed under one or more of the following: U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,818,437, 5,953,541, 5,187,480, 5,945,928, 6,011,554; and 6,307,548; Australia Pat number 727539; Canadian Pat. Number 1,331,057; United Kingdom Pat. Number 2238414B; Hong Kong Standard Pat. Number HK0940329;...
  • Page 25: Getting Started (Tbd)

    The battery fully charged (see page 26) Service Activation Before you can use your new NEC wireless phone, the service must be activated by a wireless service provider. Please contact your local wireless service provider for any questions regarding phone activation.
  • Page 26: Sim Card

    SIM Card Before using your wireless phone you must register with a wireless network service provider to receive a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module). The SIM card contains a computer chip that stores and tracks your phone number, the services included in your subscription, and your SIM phonebook information.
  • Page 27: Removing A Sim Card

    Be sure to turn the phone off before inserting and removing a SIM card. Otherwise damage to the SIM card can occur. Never pull the SIM card lock upward. Doing so may break the lock. If the SIM card is not fully inserted when the battery is replaced, damage to the SIM card can occur. If the phone, or the SIM, is lost or stolen then you should contact your Service Provider immediately in order to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Page 28: Charging The Battery

    Before trying to use your phone, ensure the SIM card is inserted and the battery is in place on the phone. Connect the NEC battery charger (AC adapter) supplied with your phone to a compatible power outlet. Connect the charger plug into the connector at the side of the phone.
  • Page 29: Battery

    The 535 automatically switches off if the battery voltage is too low. Batteries have a life cycle. If the battery does not last as long as it used to, the battery life may be coming to an end. Replace the battery with a new one of the same type.
  • Page 30: Low Battery Alarm

    Low Battery Alarm When the battery voltage falls below the working level, RECHARGE BATTERY appears on the main display area and an empty battery icon displays in the status bar. With the recharge notification, the phone also sounds a short tone at ten-second intervals. Once the recharge message displays and the short tone sounds, the phone battery has approximately one minute of use remaining.
  • Page 31: Powering-On The Phone

    Turning the Phone Off Press and HOLD END until it powers down. The power down screen displays the NEC High Definition Mobile graphic and the phone powers Off. After powering off or turning the wireless phone off, you must wait three seconds before powering on.
  • Page 32: Basic Calls And Phone Use (Tbd)

    If you are dialing a call, the phone gives priority to receiving a call unless you have already pressed SEND. The digital technology of your NEC 535 wireless phone helps to ensure that your conversations are kept secure. While making the call, the screen displays the phone number dialed or the name stored in the phonebook and a connection graphic or a CLI picture that has been allocated to the number called (see page ).
  • Page 33: Receiving Calls

    Receiving Calls When someone calls your number (phone is powered On), The phone ringer sounds. The LED (located at the back of the flip cover) flashes. the specified color. The phone number of the person calling may display on the bottom, left of the screen if the caller ID feature is available and the caller has activated the feature.
  • Page 34: Receiving A Call While In An Application

    Receiving a Call While in an Application If you receive a call while creating a new message, you can accept or reject the call. When you accept the call, the message closes so you may answer the call. The text entry for the message is saved and the message is saved in the Message center Drafts folder.
  • Page 35: Call Features

    Call Features Caller ID When you dial a call, you can send your own phone number to display on the dialed phone (see page ). When you receive a call, the caller’s phone number displays if the caller’s function for caller ID is set On or the caller’s phone number has been stored in your phonebook.
  • Page 36: Emergency Calls

    Emergency Calls Input 9, 1, and 1. Press SEND to connect the call to local emergency services. In the United States of America, the emergency number is 911. On most networks, 911 emergency calls can be made without a SIM card inserted. Ensure your wireless phone is turned On, the battery is properly charged, and the network connection signal strength level is adequate before attempting an emergency call.
  • Page 37: International Dialing

    International Dialing Before you can enter a + symbol in a number, the cursor must be at the beginning of a number. To make international calls: Press and HOLD 0 to input the + symbol. Input the country, area code (without the leading zero) and phone number that you wish to call. When dialing, add the country code required.
  • Page 38: Voice Mail

    Voice Mail The voice mail message icon displays in the icon status bar to notify you of a new voice mail. The icon remains displayed until you access voice mail to listen to your message. Press and HOLD 1 at least two seconds to access your voice mail. Refer to the Messaging and Voice Mail section on page 41 for more voice mail information.
  • Page 39: Call Waiting

    Call Waiting During a call, another received call is announced by a beep tone in the earpiece and an incoming message on the screen. To use call waiting from the Call in progress screen when you hear the beep tone: Press Softkey 1 to answer the new call and automatically place the current call on hold.
  • Page 40: Conference Calls

    Conference Calls If your SIM card is multi-party enabled (the Network supports conference calling), you can make a conference call to more than one caller. The 3-way and up to 6-way conference call depends on the network service provider. Extra fees may apply for conference calls.
  • Page 41: Putting Calls On Hold

    If adding a call to conference calling is unsuccessful, the failure screen displays briefly and the phone returns to the previous status. Putting Calls on Hold Press Softkey 1 to place both calls on hold. Press 2, 1 and SEND to place the first call on hold. Press 2, 2, and SEND to place the second call on hold. Private Conversation During a multi-party call, you can select one participant for a private conversation while the other participants continue the conference call.
  • Page 42: Roaming

    Roaming You will be charged for calls forwarded to you while roaming. The roaming feature enables you to use your phone in many parts of the world and pay all charges through your normal service provider. Your network operator usually has agreements with named networks in other countries so that automatic roaming can take place with these named networks.
  • Page 43: Personalizing Settings (Tbd)

    Personalizing Settings (TBD) To access the Settings menu: Press MENU (Main) and 1 to display the Settings menu or press MENU (Main), highlight, and select the Settings option 1. To select a Settings menu option: Press the Settings option number (1 through 8) or press highlight and select the desired Settings option. The current selected option for a setting is marked by a checkmark if the options are not numbered.
  • Page 44: Text Entry (Tbd)

    Text Entry (TBD)
  • Page 45: Messaging And Voice Mail (Tbd)

    Messaging and Voice Mail (TBD) Accessing Messages To access the Message Center: Press Softkey 1 (Message) or MENU (Main) and 2 to display the Message center folder screen or press MENU (Main) and highlight and select the Message center option 2. To select a Message center folder option: Press the Message center option number (1 through 8) or highlight and select the desired option.
  • Page 46: Web Browser (Tbd)

    Web Browser (TBD) To access mMode menu: Press MENU (Main) and 3 to display the mMode menu or press MENU (Main) and highlight and select the Web browser option 3. To end the session on the Internet, Press END key. The CLR key does not function as a back key or return to previous page in the web browser mode.
  • Page 47: Phonebook (Tbd)

    Phonebook (TBD) To access Phonebook option of the main menu: Press MENU (Main) and 4 to display the Phone book menu and press the Phone book option number (1 or 2) or Press BOOK to display a phonebook list or Press MENU (Main) and highlight and select the Phonebook option 4.
  • Page 48: Camera Function (Tbd)

    Camera Function (TBD) Camera function allows you to take pictures and save as a JPEG file. You can enjoy the picture files in many ways: send it attached to an MMS message, set it as the wallpaper, etc. At the Idle screen, press Select to access the camera function; press and HOLD Select to access the video camera function. To access the camera functions from the Main Menu: Camera View Finder Screen Main LCD as View Finder...
  • Page 49: Audio And Visual (Tbd)

    Audio and Visual (TBD) Using Audio and Visual, you can display a picture or playback music on your wireless phone. The picture or music may be downloaded from the Internet, received in an Email, or a received in an MMS message. To access Audio and Visual menu: Press MENU (Main) and 6 to display Audio and Visual menu or press MENU (Main) and highlight and select the Audio and Visual option 6.
  • Page 50: Games And Apps (Tbd)

    The applications and games contained in the Software list are downloaded from the Internet through the Web Browser. The last loaded application or game appears at the top of the software list. The NEC 535 wireless phone is set with vibrate and tone combination in order to play games that require both.
  • Page 51: Call Records (Tbd)

    Call Records (TBD)
  • Page 52: Tools (Tbd)

    Tools (TBD) To access Tools menu: Press MENU (Main) and 8 to display the Tools menu or press MENU (Main), highlight, and select Tools option 8. To select a Applications option: Press the Tools option number (1 through 8) or highlight and select the desired Tools option. Remember to press CLR (Clear/Back) key to return to the previous screen or press (End) to exit the screen and return to the Idle screen.
  • Page 53: Accessories (Tbd)

    * These accessories are in the wireless phone package. Look for the NEC Authentic Accessories logo to know if the item has been approved by NEC for use with the NEC 535. To purchase NEC Authentic Accessories , please contact the NEC customer Care Center at 1-800-637-5917 in the United States.
  • Page 54: U.s. Fda's Consumer Update

    U.S. FDA’s Consumer Update The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiological Health Consumer Update on Wireless Phones. Do wireless phones pose a health hazard? The available scientific evidence does not show that any health problems are associated with using wireless phones. There is no proof, however, that wireless phones are absolutely safe.
  • Page 55 FDA shares regulatory responsibilities for wireless phones with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). All phones that are sold in the United States must comply with FCC safety guidelines that limit RF exposure. FCC relies on FDA and other health agencies for safety questions about wireless phones. FCC also regulates the base stations that the wireless phone networks rely upon.
  • Page 56 What research is needed to decide whether RF exposure from wireless phones poses a health risk? A combination of laboratory studies and epidemiological studies of people actually using wireless phones would provide some of the data that are needed. Lifetime animal exposure studies could be completed in a few years. However, very large numbers of animals would be needed to provide reliable proof of a cancer promoting effect, if one exists.
  • Page 57 Phones certified by the Cellular Telecommunications And Internet Association (CTIA) are required to provide SAR information to consumers in the instructional materials that come with the phones. What has the FDA done to audit the radio frequency energy coming from wireless phones? After FCC grants permission for a particular cellular telephone to be marketed, FCC will occasionally conduct “post-grant”...
  • Page 58 Some groups sponsored by other national governments have advised that children be discouraged from using wireless phones at all. For example, the government in the United Kingdom distributed leaflets containing such a recommendation in December 2000. They noted that no evidence exists that using a wireless phone causes brain tumors or other ill effects. Their recommendation to limit wireless phone use by children was strictly precautionary;...
  • Page 59: Warranty And Service

    1. What products may be covered by this limited warranty? The following products (the “Products” or the “Product”) purchased through an NEC America, Inc. (NECAM) Authorized Dealer (the “Dealer”) in the United States on or after April 1, 2003 may be covered by this warranty: NEC 535 WIRELESS PHONE 2.
  • Page 60 6. What is not covered by this warranty? (a) THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT EXTEND TO: (i) Products which have been subjected to misuse, abuse, accident, physical damage, improper installation, negligence in use, abnormal operation or handling, neglect, water or other liquid intrusion, improper temperature, humidity or other environmental condition, including but not limited to, lightening, inundation or fire, or;...
  • Page 61 (e) THE REMEDIES CONTAINED HEREIN ARE YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY. 7. How do you get warranty service? If your Product requires warranty service, it must be returned to a NECAM Distribution Center with shipping paid by You, along with a description of the Product malfunction or difficulty.
  • Page 62: Nec Authorized Accessories

    1. What products may be covered by this limited warranty? The following products (the “Products” or the “Product”) purchased through an NEC America, Inc. (NECAM) Authorized Dealer (the “Dealer”) in the United States on or after April 1, 2003 may be covered by this warranty: NEC AUTHORIZED WIRELESS TELEPHONE ACCESSORIES 2.
  • Page 63 6. What is not covered by this warranty? THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT EXTEND TO: (i) Products which have been subjected to misuse, abuse, accident, physical damage, improper installation, negligence in use, abnormal operation or handling, neglect, water or other liquid intrusion, improper temperature, humidity or other environmental condition, including but not limited to, lightening, inundation or fire;...
  • Page 64: Nec Customer Service Support

    NEC Customer Service Support NEC Service Support can assist you with any additional information that you may need in the operation your NEC cellular telephone and NEC Authentic Accessories .
  • Page 65 Index Main Menu Multi-party call Accepting a call Mute a call Accessories Pause in dialing Antenna Phone Controls Auto redial Phone number in message text31 Basic calls and phone use Placing a call on hold Battery disposal Private conversation Call records Receiving calls 29,30 Call waiting...
  • Page 66: Ctia

    CTIA Your wireless telephone gives you the powerful ability to communicate by voice almost anywhere, anytime whenever wireless phone service is available and safe conditions allow. However, an important responsibility accompanies the benefits of wireless phones, on that every user must uphold. Check the laws and regulations on the use of wireless telephones and their accessories in the areas where you drive.

Table of Contents