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How To Use The Unit; If Not Using For A Long Period - Mitsubishi Electric JT-S1AP-W-NA Instruction Manual

Jet towel hand dryer
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■ Turning the power on
Turn the ground-fault circuit interrupter "ON".
The power light (blue) turns on.

■ If not using for a long period

Turn the ground-fault circuit interrupter "OFF".

■ How to use the unit

Rub your hands together after the water is
blown off
The dryer starts automatically when your hands
enter the hand drying area.
※ Refer to "Hand detection area"
Do not use with disinfectants such as alcohol or
chemicals on your hands.
(This may damage the unit.)
Automatic Stop Function
The power light fl ashes and the dryer stops automatically if the unit is used continually for more than 30 seconds.
To continue using the hand dryer, remove your hands, and then re-insert them.
It alleviates the sensation of cold air.
The heater may not operate during continued use as there is the danger of scalding when the temperature of the
warm air rises. The air varies with room temperature and may not feel warm when the room ambience is 68°F/20°C
or lower.
Ask your dealer when you need to change or adjust the setting. Your dealer will estimate the cost.
Do not modify or disassemble
the unit.
Doing so may result in fi res, electric
Do not
shocks or injuries.
How to use the unit
− NA - 4 −
Hand detection area
Hand drying area
About 9cm
Please use within the area above
※ The hand detection area may differ depending on the environment.
- 4 -



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