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Chapter 5 Setting Up The Server To Recognize The Logical Units - Fujitsu l ETERNUS AF Configuration Manual

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Chapter 5
Setting Up the Server to Recognize the Logical
Logical units need to be recognized with the sd driver or hddv driver.
Skip this chapter if using the ETERNUS Multipath Driver or GR Multipath Driver "grmpdautoconf" command.
Recognizing Logical Units with the sd Driver
Make the server recognize the ETERNUS DX/AF logical units using the sd driver.
First, confirm that the logical unit settings on the ETERNUS DX/AF storage systems are correct. Next, add the
descriptions of the logical units in the sd driver's configuration file (sd.conf) to register the units.
Then reboot the server to get it to recognize the logical units.
Refer to
"5.2 Recognizing Logical Units with the hddv Driver" (page 21)
Logical Unit Recognition
Add descriptions of the logical units to the sd driver configuration file (sd.conf) using a text editor, such as vi.
Solaris 11 OS
If the "/etc/driver/drv/sd.conf" file does not exist, copy the "/kernel/drv/sd.conf" file to the "/etc/driver/drv"
directory and add the line to the newly copied "sd.conf" file.
If the "/etc/driver/drv/sd.conf" file exists, do not copy over the file but instead add the line to the existing
"sd.conf" file.
Solaris 10 OS
Add the line to the "/kernel/drv/sd.conf" file.
Do not delete the lun=0 description for the system disk target ID.
FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX, ETERNUS AF Configuration Guide -Server Connection- (Fibre Channel) for Oracle Solaris
Copyright 2017 FUJITSU LIMITED
when using the hddv driver.



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