Dear Customer; Safety Information; Description Of The Appliance - AEG Crema Classica Operating Instruction

Milk frothing machine
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Dear Customer,

Please read these operating instruc-
tions carefully. Above all please
observe the safety instructions on
the initial pages of these operating
instructions! Please keep these operat-
ing instructions for future reference.
Pass them on to any subsequent owner
of the appliance.

Description of the Appliance

(Figure 1)
A On/Off switch with power indicator
B Steam button
C Milk frothing machine
D Drip grid (removable)
Drip tray (removable)
Water tank lid
G Water tank (removable)
H Ready indicator (orange)
Frothed milk spout (cf. Figure 2)
K Lid with suction tube
Milk container
M Rating plate (on bottom of appliance)
Frothed Milk Spout
(Figure 2)
N Steam nozzle
O Connector
Milk discharge outlet
Q Knob for regulating the froth
R Control valve
Flexible hose
Milk container lid
U Seal
Suction tube

Safety Information

• The operating voltage and mains volt-
age must match! (See rating plate on
the bottom of the milk frothing
• Never allow the mains lead to come
into contact with hot parts!
• Never pull the plug out of the socket
using the mains lead; always use the
• Do not use the appliance if:
– the mains lead is damaged,
– the casing shows signs of damage.
• The parts that make up the frothed
milk spout (Figure 2) become hot dur-
ing operation.
• Keep children away!
• Follow the instructions on descaling!
• Before carrying out any maintenance
or cleaning check that the appliance
has been switched off and the plug has
been removed from the mains!
• Do not immerse the appliance in
• Do not use the appliance if the water
tank is empty!
• Only fill the water tank with cold water
– never with milk or other liquids!
• Do not operate the appliance without
the drip tray and drip grid!
• If it is necessary to repair the appliance
or to replace the mains lead, send the
appliance either to the specialist dealer
you bought it from (specialist tools
must be used for repairs), or to your
nearest AEG customer service centre
(see last page). Repairs to electrical
appliances may only be carried out by
qualified specialists. The appliance
must not be opened up. Improper
repairs can give rise to significant
hazards for the user.
If the appliance is used for purposes
other than those intended or used
incorrectly, no liability can be
accepted for any damage that may
be caused.