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Dear Customer; Description Of The Appliance; Safety Information - AEG USR 400 Operating Instructions Manual

Universal slicer
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Dear Customer,

Please read these operating instruc-
tions carefully. Above all please
observe the safety instructions on
the initial pages of these operating
instructions! Please keep these operat-
ing instructions for future reference.
Pass them on to any subsequent owner
of the appliance.

Description of the Appliance

(see General View)
A On/Off switch
B Stop plate
C Food carriage
D Slice thickness adjustment knob
Sliced food collecting tray
(Type USR 400 only)
G Circular blade
H Holder
Blade lock
K Cord storage
Connecting lead
M Rating plate (bottom of appliance)

Safety Information

• Prior to using for the first time, please
note that the appliance may only be
used with the voltage and type of cur-
rent that is stated on the rating plate.
• Only connect the appliance to a socket
that has been installed in accordance
with regulations.
• Never put the appliance on hot sur-
faces or near naked flames.
• Always ensure that the mains lead can-
not come into contact with items that
are hot or have sharp edges.
• Do not kink the mains lead or wrap it
around the appliance. Always use the
cord storage that is an integral part of
the appliance.
• Do not push hard items against the
blade when it is rotating and keep your
hands well away from the blade. Seri-
ous injury can be caused!
• Plastic parts must not be placed on or
close to radiators.
• The Universal Slicer is a household
appliance and therefore not suitable
for commercial use.
• The Universal Slicer may only be used
once it has been positioned in accord-
ance with instructions.
• Never slice frozen food.
(The appliance could be damaged). Use
the appliance only for slicing ordinary
household foods; do not use it for any
other purpose. Do not slice frozen
foods, bones, foods with large stones,
roasting joints in nets, or foods that
are still in their packaging!
• Always use the food carriage when
slicing (General View/C). The food car-
riage and holder (H) should only be
removed when the shape and size of
the food to be sliced (e.g., bread) do
not permit their use.
• Switch the appliance off at the latest
after 5 minutes of uninterrupted use,
as the Universal Slicer is designed to be
operated for a maximum of 5 minutes.
• Return the stop plate (General View/B)
to its starting position (0) after each
use to avoid its being damaged by the
circular blade (G).
• Before cleaning any parts and before
changing the blade return the stop
plate to the starting position (0) and
remove the mains plug.
• Never immerse the appliance in water
or bring it into contact with water in
any way. Note the information for
• after the appliance is switched off,
the circular blade continues to
rotate for a short time.



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