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Programming The Scanner; Using Programming Barcodes; Configuring Other Setting; Resetting The Defaults - HP Linear Barcode Scanner II User Manual

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Programming the scanner

The scanner is factory-configured with a set of standard default features. After scanning the interface
barcode from the "Interfaces" section, select other options and customize your scanner using the
programming barcodes available in the HP Retail Linear Barcode Scanner Programming Reference Guide (PRG).
Check the corresponding features section for your interface, and the Data Editing and Symbologies chapters
of the PRG.

Using programming barcodes

This guide contains barcodes that allow you to reconfigure your scanner. Some programming barcode labels,
like the Reset Default Settings barcode, require only the scan of that single label to enact the change.
Other barcodes require the scanner to be placed in Programming Mode prior to scanning them. Scan an
ENTER/EXIT barcode once to enter Programming Mode, scan the desired parameter settings, and then scan
the ENTER/EXIT barcode again to accept your changes. The scanner exits Programming Mode and returns to
normal operation.

Configuring other setting

Additional programming barcodes are available in the PRG that allow you to customize programming
features. If your installation requires different programming than the standard factory default settings, refer
to the PRG.

Resetting the defaults

If you aren't sure what programming options are in your scanner, or you've changed some options and want
your custom factory settings restored, scan the barcode below to reset the scanner to its initial configuration.
Refer to the PRG for other options and a listing of standard factory settings.
Factory defaults are based on the interface type. Be sure your scanner is configured for the correct
interface before scanning this label. See
Reset Default Settings
Selecting the interface type on page 6
for more information.
Using programming barcodes