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Cleaning And Taking Care Of The Appliance - Whirlpool AGB 501 Installation, Operating And Maintenance Instructions

Electric cookers
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Turning the electric oven on and of
(Fig. 4)
Select the type of heating required by turning knob 23,
bearing in mind that the indicator light 25 stays on in all
This symbol indicates that the two interior oven li-
ghts are on without any type of heating selected
Heating is both from above (ceiling element) and
below (floor element). This is the traditional
cooking mode.
The bottom heating element is switched on
(floor element). Heat therefore rises from bot-
tom to top.
Heating is from top to bottom, as the top element
is switched on (ceiling element).
In this position the "grill" element, placed at the
top of the oven over the ceiling element, is swit-
ched on.
As in the previous position with the fan switched
on (convection).
In this position the ceiling element (above), the
floor element (below) and the fan are all switched
on (convection).
Convection cooking
In this position the heat is produced by a circular
element placed on the back of the oven around
the fan.
Defrosting mode
No heating element is in operation; only the fan is
switched on to quickly defrost frozen foods.
001 - 03 - Electric cookers
The required temperature may be chosen by turning knob
24: warning light 26 comes on and goes out when the ele-
ments are switched on. To turn off the oven, turn the two
knobs to position ● (zero).
Never clean the appliance with jets of water, whether
direct or pressurised.
Thoroughly clean the appliance every evening after use.
Daily cleaning means better performance and a longer
useful life.
Before starting to clean the appliance, disconnect from
the mains.**
Remove all the extractable parts from the oven and wash
separately. All steel parts should be washed in warm wa-
ter, using a neutral detergent. Avoid using abrasive or
corrosive detergents which could damage the steel.
What to do if not using the appliance
for a long time
Thoroughly clean and dry the machine as described.
Disconnect the power supply**
What to do if something goes wrong
If anything goes wrong, immediately turn the appliance
off, then turn off the power supply at the switch located
upstream of the appliance, and call the aftersales depart-
All maintenance should be carried out by qualified per-
sonnel only. Before carrying out any maintenance work,
unplug the appliance or turn off the switch upstream of
the appliance**.
Models with a voltage of 230 V 3 AC have 2 lead wires; re-
member to cut off both power lines when disconnecting
these models; if only one or other of these leads is discon-
nected the appliance will stay live.