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Installation Instructions - Whirlpool AGB 501 Installation, Operating And Maintenance Instructions

Electric cookers
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Before beginning installation, remove all packaging from
the appliance. Some parts are protected with an adhesive
film which should be carefully removed.
Any remnants of glue should be thoroughly cleaned using
suitable substances such as benzine.
Under no circumstances should abrasive substances be
Fit the legs to the appliance. The appliance must be level-
led using a spirit level.
Slight irregularities can be levelled by adjusting the feet
The main switch or plug should be located in the vicinity of
the appliance and easy of access.
We recommend installing the machine under a range hood
so that all the fumes are removed as quickly as possible.
Make sure that all fire prevention standards and safety pre-
cautions are strictly adhered to.
Legal and technical requisites
When installing the appliance, the following safety stan-
dards must be adhered to:
- Local accident prevention standards
- Current CEI standards.
001 - 03 - Electric cookers
Installation, start-up and maintenance should only be car-
ried out by expert personnel.
All work required to install the appliance should be carried
out in compliance with all local standards and regulations.
The manufacturers decline all responsibility where poor
performance is due to incorrect installation in disregard of
the above conditions.
In compliance with international regulations, when
connecting the appliance to the mains power supply, a
device with a minimum aperture of 3 mm between con-
tacts must be fitted upstream of the appliance, al-
lowing omnipolar disconnection of the appliance from
the mains.
When choosing the lead wire, make sure it has the fol-
lowing characteristics: it should be at least of the H07 RN-
F type and its section should be large enough for the ap-
pliance (see "Technical specifications and dimensions",
page 11). Wire entry on top models is on the back wall,
and underneath all other models. In both cases the termi-
nal board is at the front, behind the control panel.
Pass the wire through the core hitch and wire clamp, plug
the leads into their terminals on the board and secure
them. The earth lead must be a little longer than the others
so that it is the last lead to disconnect if the wire clamp
The appliance must be connected up to a unipotential
The connection screw is located on all top models at the
back on yhe right hand side, while in other models it is
located underneath the appliance on the right hand side.
It is labelled.
The manufacturers cannot be held responsible for any
damage due to inadequate or incorrect installation.
Under such circumstances the guarantee will be con-
sidered null and void.