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Downloading The Silvercrest Smartactive App; Pairing The Tracker With A Smartphone - Silvercrest SADP 4 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Activity tracker
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During the charging process, the
during charging.
Charging takes about 3 hours on a standard USB connection.
As soon as the tracker is fully charged,
Operating time with a full charge:
approx. 2 weeks if heart rate measurement not used
approx. 1 week if heart rate measurement used for 1 hour per day
approx. 8 hours if heart rate measurement is constantly recording
The running time can vary depending on the frequency of usage.
When the battery is empty,

Downloading the SilverCrest SmartActive app

The SilverCrest SmartActive app uses the Bluetooth
The app allows you to use all the functions of the tracker.
You can download the free app from the Apple
SilverCrest SmartActive app compatibility:
Android 4.3 and higher
iOS 7.0 and higher

Pairing the tracker with a smartphone

Before you can use all the functions on the tracker, you need to pair the tracker with a
compatible smartphone running the SilverCrest SmartActive app. The connection must
be established using the SilverCrest SmartActive app, not the Bluetooth
your smartphone.
Activate the Bluetooth
description of how to do this in the operating instructions for your smartphone.
GB │ IE │ NI
display appears. The menu button
appears on the display.
connection on your smartphone. You can find a detailed
appears on the display.
functionality of your smartphone.
App Store or Google
is inactive
settings on

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Table of Contents

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