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Updating The Firmware; Using The Tracker Without The App; Troubleshooting - Silvercrest SADP 4 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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Updating the firmware
After updating the firmware, all the daily results will be reset to zero.
You can use the "Start firmware update" function under "Settings"
menu to install a new version of the firmware. During the firmware update, the tracker
will display "OTA" and may restart. The tracker shows "OTA FINISH" as soon as the firm-
ware update is complete. Once the tracker shows "OTA FINISH", you need to press the
menu button
on the tracker for about 3–5 seconds to restart the tracker and finish the
firmware update. The SilverCrest SmartActive app will be restarted as soon as you press
the "Continue" button. After the update, activate the Bluetooth
tracker to restore the connection.

Using the tracker without the app

You can also use the tracker without the SilverCrest SmartActive app. Note, however,
that without the user profile for working out burnt calories and the distance, the personal
data of an average user are used. This can mean that your actual results may differ from
the calculated results.
Note that the tracker cannot access all of its functions without the SilverCrest
SmartActive app.


The following table will help you to rectify minor problems:
There is no connection
between the tracker and the
Not all of the measured data
are transferred.
GB │ IE │ NI
Switch the Bluetooth
phone off and back on again. Then restart the
connection process to your tracker.
Switch your smartphone off and on again.
Switch on the visibility of your smartphone in the
Reinstall the SilverCrest SmartActive app on your
If you have not synced the tracker within the last
14 days with the SilverCrest SmartActive app,
any data older than this will be overwritten.
Make sure you sync regularly.
in the "SADP 4 A1"
connection on your
function on your smart-

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Table of Contents

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