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Additional Functions; Display Calls/Messages; Starting Factory Mode - Silvercrest SADP 4 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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Additional functions

Tracker search
You will find this function in the SilverCrest SmartActive app under "Settings"
"SADP 4 A1" menu. If you press on the "Tracker search" button, the tracker will vibrate.
If you have misplaced the tracker somewhere nearby, this function can help to find it
more easily.
Mobile device search
You will find this function in the SilverCrest SmartActive app under "Settings"
"SADP 4 A1" menu. You can activate or disable "Mobile device search". When "Mobile
device search" is activated, the tracker vibrates and your smartphone rings out if you
move away from the smartphone with the tracker. When go back near your smartphone,
the tracker stops vibrating and the smartphone goes silent. If you have forgotten your
smartphone, the function reminds you that you do not have your smartphone with you.

Display calls/messages

If the tracker is paired with a smartphone, incoming calls/messages can be indicated
on the tracker's display
press the button
then on the menu "Notification setting". In the "Notification setting" menu, you can set
whether the device vibrates for incoming calls/messages. Independently of this, you can
also set whether you want calls, SMS and app messages to be received on your tracker.
The content of the messages can now be displayed on the tracker. When there is an
incoming call/message, the name of the caller/sender will be shown on the display
(as long as it has been saved in the contacts of the paired smartphone). Received messages
will then be displayed if this has been activated in the SilverCrest SmartActive app.
To scroll through your message, press the menu button
has been completely displayed.

Starting factory mode

If the SilverCrest SmartActive app no longer functions correctly, regularly crashes, if another
user would like to use the tracker or if you simply want to reset all your settings, you have
the option to reset your device to the factory settings. Press the
the SilverCrest SmartActive app, then "SADP 4 A1" and then on the menu "Factory mode".
Once the factory reset has been carried out, press the menu button
reactivate the tracker. Afterwards you will have to reconnect the SilverCrest SmartActive
app the tracker (see section "Pairing the tracker with a smartphone").
and the tracker can also be set to vibrate. To make settings,
(Settings) in the SilverCrest SmartActive app, then "SADP 4 A1" and
repeatedly until the message
button (Settings) in
for 7 seconds to
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Table of Contents

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