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Cleaning; Storage When Not In Use; Disposal; Disposal Of The Device - Silvercrest SADP 4 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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Keep the charging contacts
tracker with a dry cloth after every contact with water.
To avoid irreparable damage to the device, ensure that no moisture penetrates the
device during cleaning.
Do not use caustic, abrasive or solvent-based cleaning materials. These can damage
the surfaces of the device.
Clean the housing of the device with a lightly moistened cloth and a mild deter-
gent only.

Storage when not in use

Store the device in a location which is clean, dry, dust-free and not in direct sunlight.
To ensure a long battery life, charge the battery at regular intervals.


Disposal of the device

The adjacent symbol of a crossed-out dust bin means that this device is subject
to Directive 2012/19/EU. This directive states that this device may not be
disposed of in the normal household waste at the end of its lifecycle, but should
be delivered to specially set-up collection locations, recycling depots or disposal companies.
This disposal is free of charge for the user. Protect the environment and
dispose of this device properly.
You can obtain further information from your local disposal company or the city or local
dry to prevent corrosion. To do this, dry the
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Table of Contents

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