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Porter-Cable 4212 (29550) Instruction Manual

Porter-cable instruction manual dovetail jig 4210, 4212 (29550).
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Note: Rockler may not carry all products and/or sizes listed in this vendor's publication
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Copyright © 2004 Porter-Cable Corporation
MODELS 4210 & 4212
Please make certain that the person who is
to use this equipment carefully reads and
starting operations.
The Model and Serial No. plate is located on the main
housing of the tool. Record these numbers in the
spaces below and retain for future reference.
Model No. _____________________________________
Type __________________________________________
Serial No.______________________________________
Part No. A05065 - 05-27-05



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   Summary of Contents for Porter-Cable 4212 (29550)

  • Page 1

    Note: Rockler may not carry all products and/or sizes listed in this vendor's publication INSTRUCTION MANUAL To learn more about Porter-Cable visit our website at: Copyright © 2004 Porter-Cable Corporation ESPAÑOL: PÁGINA 27 FRANÇAISE : PAGE 51 DOVETAIL JIG MODELS 4210 &...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY GUIDELINES IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ADDITIONAL SPECIFIC SAFETY RULES BACKGROUND INFORMATION Dovetail and Box Joint Overview Product Capabilities 4200 Series Dovetail Jig Overview Carton Contents Assembly Additional Tools Required Mounting Instructions OPERATION Clamps Template Mounting Template Support Positioning the Wood Half-Pins Vs.

  • Page 3: Safety Guidelines

    NOT be modified and/or used for any application other than for which it was designed. If you have any questions relative to its application DO NOT use the tool until you have written Porter-Cable and we have advised you.

  • Page 4: Additional Specific Safety Rules

    Of these joints, the through, half-blind, and rabbeted half-blind are the most common. NOTE: This manual includes instruction for the basic dovetail jig operations. Please visit our Web Site at for the supplementary manual that gives instruction for more advanced procedures.

  • Page 5: Dovetail And Box Joint Overview

    Tails A similar joint, called a box or finger joint, has straight protrusions called fingers on both boards. This joint is used on jewelry boxes and other small boxes. The box joint is strong because it has a large surface area for glue. DOVETAIL DADO (SLIDING DOVETAIL) The Dovetail Dado, or Sliding Dovetail, consists of a dovetail-shaped dado in one...

  • Page 6: Product Capabilities

    PRODUCT CAPABILITIES The Porter-Cable 4200 series dovetail jig will help you cut these joints efficiently. An accessory kit will enable you to cut miniature versions of these joints for small gift boxes or cubbyhole drawers on a roll-top desk. The 4200 series also has the capability to cut more advanced joints (dovetails that skip pins, wood hinges, end-to-end joints, various types of angle joints, and joints with inlays).

  • Page 7: 4200 Series Dovetail Jig Overview

    4210 Base Half-blind & Dado Template Dovetail Bit Template Guide Lock nut T-handle Hex Wrench ACCESSORY KITS 4211 Half-blind & Dado Template Brackets (2) Dado Depth Bracket Half-blind Depth Bracket Dovetail Bit Depth Knob Screws (8) Hex Nuts (1) Wrench Template Guide and Lock Nut CARTON CONTENTS DOVETAIL JIGS...

  • Page 8: Assembly

    ADDITIONAL TOOLS REQUIRED The router that you use with this jig u must accept the Porter-Cable template guides supplied with the jig. (Adapters and sub-bases are available for most routers.) must have a 1/2" collet for use with 4210 and 4212 jigs and the 4211 and 4213 accessory kits.

  • Page 9: Operation

    Mount your workpiece in the jig properly. If the workpiece is not secure, it can be damaged when it moves. The jigs utilize two mounting positions for workpieces - horizontal and vertical. Some joints require both, while others require the use of a scrap board in the horizontal position (upper clamp) and the workpiece in the vertical position (lower clamp).

  • Page 10: Template Support

    TEMPLATE SUPPORT For every type of joint, place wood in the top clamp, whether a workpiece or a scrap piece, to provide support for the router on the template. You can add extra support by inserting a second board (A) Fig. E1 (of the same thickness) in the top clamp to ensure that the template is parallel to the base across its length.

  • Page 11: Half-pins Vs. Half-tails

    Some templates have one line (Fig. H1) while others have several lines to produce multiple types of joints (Fig. H2). Porter-Cable has scribed icons on the templates to indicate which lines go with which joints.

  • Page 12: Template Guides

    TEMPLATE GUIDES Use the correct template guides provided with this unit to guide the router against the template fingers. To determine the proper guide for a given joint, place the template guide in the slot on the left side of the corresponding template.

  • Page 13: Wood Preparation

    Properly preparing the materials for your project is the key to good-looking and tight-fitting joints. You must cut your wood at perfect right angles (Fig. L1). Cuts that are off even one degree will not align correctly (Fig. L2). Also, your workpieces must be flat and not cupped.

  • Page 14: Project Layout

    PROJECT LAY OUT Keeping track of the outer and inner face of each workpiece and how the different parts mate with each other is very important. Step 1 - Lay out the workpieces face down and label the inside faces with an “I” (Fig. N1). Step 2 - Label the corners “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”...

  • Page 15: Basic Joints

    THROUGH DOVETAILS The through dovetail has a look that is visually appealing, especially in boxes and chests. NOTE: For miniature through dovetails, use the 4215 accessory kit. Cut both the pins and tails in the vertical position. Cut the tails first. Use two routers (if possible) - one for the pins and the other for the tails - to make the process quicker and easier.

  • Page 16: Cutting The Pins

    Step 4 - Reposition the offset guide (A) Fig. P4 flush to the vertical board and secure it. Step 5 - Reposition the scrap board(A) Fig. P5 so that it is flush with the rear edge of the vertical board (B). Align the template using the “tails/box”...

  • Page 17: Fitting And Troubleshooting

    Step 5- Rout between the fingers of the template (Fig. P12). Step 6 - Remove the pin board and check the fit with the tailboard (Fig. P13). THROUGH DOVETAIL TROUBLESHOOTING For joints that are too loose, move the template toward you slightly. For joints that are too tight, move the template away from you slightly.

  • Page 18: Fitting And Troubleshooting

    Clamp the tailboard (drawer side) in lower clamp (vertical Step 4 - position) on the left side of the base with the outside of the board facing the jig (A) Fig. Q3. Step 5 - Center the board between the farthest finger on the left and the nearest finger on the right of the board.

  • Page 19: Half-blind Dovetail With A Lipped Front

    RABBETED HALF-BLIND DOVETAILS To produce rabbeted half-blind dovetails (drawer front), cut the pins for a half-blind joint after the drawer front has been rabbeted. The depth of the rabbet must be deeper than the half-blind router bit depth guide. NOTE: Cut the tails first.

  • Page 20: Cutting The Pins

    Step 7 - Mount the dovetail bit and template guide to the router and set the router bit depth using the “half-blind” bit depth guide (Fig. R6). Step 8 - Make a climb-cut from right to left across the outer edge of the tail board to reduce tear-out (Fig. R7). Step 9 - Rout in and out of the fingers of the template from left to right (Fig.

  • Page 21: Box Joints

    BOX JOINTS Box joints have straight protrusions that interlock and must be held together by glue. The large amount of gluing surface provides the strength necessary for large projects. NOTE: If you are using the 4210 dovetail jig, you will need the 4213 accessory kit to make this joint. You will need the 4215 accessory kit for the miniature box joints.

  • Page 22: Cutting The Second Workpiece

    Step 4 - Reposition the left offset guide (A) Fig. S4 flush against the workpiece (B). Step 5 - Align the template, using the “tails/Box” template line with the line formed where the scrap board and the workpiece meet. Step 6 - Mount the straight bit and template guide on the router and set the router bit depth using the “tails/box”...

  • Page 23: Dovetail Dados (sliding Dovetails)

    Step 5 - Clamp the second workpiece (A) Fig. S11 in the lower clamp (vertical mounting position) on the right side of the jig flush against both the template (B) and against the right offset guide (C) with the outside surface facing away from the jig.

  • Page 24: Tenon Board

    Step 4 - Set your router bit depth by using either of the three choices (A, B, or C) Fig. T3 on the left side of the template, or by manually setting the router to another depth. Step 5 - Slowly rout along the slot from left to right (Fig.

  • Page 25: Maintenance

    ONLY be performed by either an AUTHORIZED PORTER-CABLE SERVICE STATION or a PORTER-CABLE·DELTA FACTORY SERVICE CENTER. All repairs made by these agencies are fully guaranteed against defective material and workmanship. We cannot guarantee repairs made or attempted by anyone other than these agencies.

  • Page 26: Warranty

    PORTER-CABLE LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY Porter-Cable warrants its Professional Power Tools for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. We will repair or replace at our option, any part or parts of the product and accessories covered under this warranty which, after examination, proves to be defective in workmanship or material during the warranty period.

  • Page 27: EspaÑol

    Phone: (604) 420-0102 Fax: (604) 420-3522 The following are trademarks of PORTER-CABLE • DELTA (Las siguientes son marcas registradas de PORTER-CABLE • DELTA S.A.) (Les marques suivantes sont des marques de fabriquant de la PORTER-CABLE • DELTA): Auto-Set Contractor’s Saw II™, Delta ®...

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