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Oven Ceiling - AEG BEE233111M User Manual

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Table of Contents
Be careful when you remove
the shelf supports.
1. Pull the front of the shelf support
away from the side wall.
2. Pull the rear end of the shelf support
away from the side wall and remove
Install the removed accessories in the
opposite sequence.
The retaining pins on the
telescopic runners must
point to the front.

10.3 Oven ceiling

Deactivate the appliance
before you remove the
heating element. Make sure
that the appliance is cold.
There is a risk of burns.
Remove the shelf supports.
You can fold down the heating element
on the oven ceiling to clean the oven
ceiling easily.
1. Hold the heating element with two
hands at the front.
2. Pull it forwards against the spring
pressure and out of two holders.
The heating element folds down.
3. Clean the oven ceiling.
4. Install the heating element in the
opposite sequence.
Install the heating element
correctly above the supports
on the inner walls of the
5. Install the shelf supports.
10.4 Removing and installing
the door
You can remove the door and the
internal glass panels to clean it. The
number of glass panels is different for
different models.
Be careful when you remove
the door from the appliance.
The door is heavy.
1. Open the door fully.
2. Fully lift up the clamping levers (A) on
the two door hinges.
3. Close the door until it is at an angle
of approximately 45°.

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Table of Contents

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