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Make sure the air purifier
is assembled/connected
properly after cleaning
the air quality sensor and
pre-filter or replacing the
If the air purifier will not
be used for a long period
of time, unplug from the
electrical outlet, clean
the appliance, air quality
sensor and pre-filter (see
'Cleaning') before storing.
Make sure that you
plug the appliance into
a properly connected
electrical outlet.
Always place and use the
appliance on a dry, stable,
level, and horizontal
surface. Make sure the air
purifier cannot be easily
knocked over by a person
or object.
Leave at least 20cm/8in
free space behind and
on both sides of the
appliance and leave
at least 30cm/12in
free space above the
Do not place anything on
top of the appliance.
Do not sit, stand or place
heavy objects on the air
Do not place the
appliance directly below
an air conditioner to
prevent condensation
from dripping onto the
Make sure all filters
are properly installed
before you switch on the
Only use the original
Philips filters specially
intended for this
appliance. Do not use any
other filters.
Do not use the filter
as fuel or for similar
Avoid knocking against
the appliance (the air inlet
and outlet in particular)
with hard objects.
Always lift or move the
appliance by the handle
on back side of the
NEVER tilt, move or
attempt to change or
replace a filter while the
air purifier is operating.
Switch OFF and unplug



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