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Introduction; Bluetooth Wireless Technology - Nokia Cark-112 User Manual

Bluetooth handsfree car kit
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I n t r o d u c t i o n


The Wireless Car Kit CARK112 can be connected without cables to a
compatible phone that supports Bluetooth wireless technology. The
main parts of the Wireless Car Kit are the handsfree unit (HFW-1) and
the remote control button (CUW-2).
Read this user's guide carefully before using the Wireless Car Kit. More
detailed information is given in the user's guide of your phone. Do not
use this Wireless Car Kit (CARK112) user's guide in place of the user's
guide of your phone, which provides important safety and maintenance
This user's guide mainly describes the installation and use of the CUW-2
remote control button. For information about other parts of the
Wireless Car Kit, refer to the installation guide that comes with it.

Bluetooth wireless technology

Since Bluetooth devices communicate using radio waves, your
Bluetooth phone and Wireless Car Kit do not need to be in a line of sight.
For example, your phone may be in your bag while it is connected to the
Wireless Car Kit. The two devices only need to be within a maximum of
10 meters of each other, although the connection can be subject to
interference from obstructions, such as walls, or from other electronic
The Wireless Car Kit is specially designed for Nokia phones that support
Bluetooth wireless technology. The car kit can, however, be used with
any compatible Bluetooth devices that support the Handsfree profile.
("Profile" in this case means a set of Bluetooth commands that your
phone uses for controlling the Wireless Car Kit.)
The Wireless Car Kit provides the best performance when it is used with
a compatible Nokia phone. If you use the Wireless Car Kit with a phone
produced by another manufacturer, all the functions described in this
user's guide may not be available.
In some countries, there may be restrictions on using Bluetooth devices.
Check with your local authorities.

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