Troubleshooting - Nokia Cark-112 User Manual

Bluetooth handsfree car kit
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The phone searches for all Bluetooth devices within about 10 meters
and shows them as a list.
5. Select the car kit from the list.
6. Enter the passkey to associate ("pair") and connect the car kit to your
phone. The passkey is marked on the sticker that is provided in the
sales package of the Wireless Car Kit.
Once you have entered the passkey, your phone becomes the default
phone that uses the car kit, if the car kit has not been previously
paired with another phone. See also Using the car kit with several
phones on page 13.
The indicator light of the remote control button is shown, and the car
kit appears in the phone menu where you can view the Bluetooth
devices that are currently paired with your phone.
7. Start using the car kit and the remote control button (see page 10).


If you cannot connect the car kit to your phone, do as follows:
• Make sure that the car ignition is turned on.
• Make sure the Bluetooth feature is activated on your phone.
• Make sure that the car kit is paired with your phone.
• Check that your phone is within a maximum of 10 meters of the
handsfree unit and that there are no obstructions, such as walls, or
other electronic devices between the handsfree unit and the phone.
• The pairing information list of the handsfree unit may be full. The
handsfree unit can hold pairing information of up to 8 phones at a
time. If the list becomes full, reset the handsfree unit to the original
settings, see page 13.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents