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Inspect the wear indicator ( ) to check for
insufficient tread depth.
If the wear indicators are visible, replace
the tire immediately as it is no longer safe.
Tire Service Life
The service life of your tires is dependent
on many factors, including, but not limited
to, riding habits, road conditions, vehicle
loading, tire pressure, maintenance history,
speed, and environmental conditions (even
when the tires are not in use).
In addition to your regular inspections and
tire pressure maintenance, it is
recommended that you have annual
inspections performed once the tires reach
5 years old. It is also recommended that all
tires be removed from service after 10
Servicing Your Honda
years from the date of manufacture,
regardless of their condition or state of
The last four digits of the TIN (tire
identification number) ( ) are found on
the sidewall of the tire, and indicate the
date of manufacture.
Tire Identification Number (TIN)
The tire identification number (TIN) is a
group of numbers and letters that look like
the following example. The TIN is located
on the sidewall of the tire.
×××× ××××
22 07


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