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If there's no obvious problem, leave the
engine on so the fan and coolant
circulating system can continue
working. Monitor the high coolant
temperature indicator. The indicator
may turn off after a brief stop with no
load on the engine.
If the reserve tank is low or empty, don't
ride without adding coolant (page
After adding coolant, turn the engine on
and check the high coolant temperature
If the indicator doesn't turn off, do not
ride. The engine needs repair. Transport
your scooter to a Honda dealer
If the temperature drops to normal,
check the coolant level. If it has gone
down, add more coolant.
If Your Engine Overheats
If you are able to resume riding, continue
to monitor the high coolant temperature
indicator frequently.
If there's a mild leak, you can ride for
awhile, carefully watching the indicator.
Be prepared to stop and add more coolant
or water. If the leak is bad, transport your
scooter to a Honda dealer (page
Taking Care of the Unexpected


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