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Installing The Speed & Cadence Sensor - Pioneer SGY-CS500 User Manual

Speed & cadence sensor
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Table of Contents
Installation on Your Bike
Installing the
Speed & Cadence Sensor
If you cannot install the Speed & Cadence
sensor with the sensor mounting band,
use the cable ties instead.
Temporarily mount the Speed
& Cadence sensor on the
chain stay.
Hook the band on the hook located on
the back side of the sensor, and then
put the band in the groove on the front
side to temporarily mount the sensor
on the chain stay.
The sensor can be installed to a
chain stay that is from about 100 mm
up to 120 mm in circumference.
Before installing, be sure your chain
stay does not have an irregular
shape that would prohibit secure
Do not overly tighten the band as
they may break.
Adjust the location of the
Speed & Cadence sensor.
Adjust the sensor by tilting it so the
center of the cadence magnet passes
about 3 mm from the sensor part
(concave part) of the Speed & Cadence
sensor when the crank is rotated.
3 mm
When the sensor detects the cadence
magnet as the cranks are rotated,
the LED blinks green every time it is
detected, up to 10 times.


Table of Contents

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