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Pioneer SGY-CS500 User Manual page 5

Speed & cadence sensor
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Before riding, check that the sensor
and magnets are installed securely.
Also check that the speed detector
arm's screw is not loose, there
are no cracks in the band, and the
band's fixing tape is not coming off.
Do not leave this device in places
that are exposed to direct sunlight,
high temperature, high humidity,
or a lot of dust as it may cause the
device to malfunction.
Never dismantle, refurbish, or repair
this device or any attached parts as
it could cause electrical shock or the
device to malfunction.
Do not use this device if any unusual
conditions exist such as penetration
by a foreign object, water
submersion, smoke is detected, or
an unusual odor is detected.
Stop using this device immediately
and have it repaired.
Do not subject this device to
extreme shock by riding on rough
roads. Doing so could damage this
device or cause it to malfunction.
This device communicates using ANT+
radio communication. Do not use in
areas that forbid the use of electronic
devices such as hospitals or airplanes
as unintended interference from this
device could cause serious accidents.
Important Safety Information
Do not put this device in water or
wipe with detergents, chemical
duster, or volatile compounds such
as benzine or thinner as they may
cause the device to malfunction.
Thoroughly remove any excess
bicycle lubricants or cleaners
from this device as it could cause
Avoid overly violent impacts on
this device as it may cause it to
Do not wash this device with a high
pressure water sprayer as water may
penetrate into this device causing it
to malfunction.
Do not touch or deform the battery
contacts. This could cause a faulty
connection or short circuit.


Table of Contents

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