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Troubleshooting - Pioneer SGY-CS500 User Manual

Speed & cadence sensor
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If you have problems with your device, check the following items.
If a solution to your problem cannot be found here, contact your dealer.
Speed & Cadence sensor information is not displayed on the cyclocomputer. /
I cannot pair the sensor with the cyclocomputer.
Sensitivity of the sensor has become
low due to dirt such as mud on the
sensor or magnets.
The battery is almost empty.
(+) or (-) side of the battery is
installed in the opposite side.
The battery is not installed correctly. Install the battery again (see page 20).
The sensor is not mounted correctly. Confirm the position of the sensor and magnets, and the
Pairing between the sensor and the
cyclocomputer has not been done.
Sensor has not been reset.
Connection is not possible due
to the influence of the 2.4 GHz
frequency band.
Speed is not displayed.
The screw of the speed detector arm
is loose.
Wipe off dirt from the sensor or magnets.
Replace the battery with a new one (see page 20).
Install the battery in the proper side (see page 20).
distance between them (see page 16, 17).
Check if the sensor is paired with the cyclocomputer.
If not, pair them. Refer to the Quick Start Guide of the
Cyclocomputer SGX-CA500 or your cyclocomputer's
owner manual for sensor pairing.
Install the battery with its (+) side down and wait more
than 3 seconds, then remove the battery. The sensor is
reset in this way.
Try pairing again someplace where there is no
interference from microwaves, Wi-Fi such as a wireless
LAN, or other wireless ANT equipment.
Tighten the screw of the speed detector arm so it is not
loose. Speed is not detected if the screw is loose.


Table of Contents

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