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Pioneer SGY-CS500 User Manual page 18

Speed & cadence sensor
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Installation on Your Bike
The magnet can be installed on a
spoke that is from about 1.5 mm up
to 2.5 mm in diameter.
Before installing, be sure your spoke
does not have an irregular shape that
would prohibit secure installation.
Installing the magnet may damage
the spoke. Protect the spoke if you
do not want to damage it.
Be careful not to lose the sheet and
so on, when installing the magnet.
After installing the magnet, check
that its screw has not been screwed
in at an angle.
Adjust the angle of the speed
detector arm.
Adjust the angle of the arm by turning
the hex screw so the center of the
speed magnet passes about 3 mm
from the sensor part (concave part) of
the arm when the wheel is rotated.
3 mm
When the sensor detects the speed
magnet as the wheel rotates, the LED
blinks red up to 10 times each time it is
Install the sensor so the arm does
not interfere with the spokes.
Do not move the arm beyond its
range of motion (60°).
After blinking 10 times, the LED will
not light even though the sensor
detects the magnet. The LED starts
blinking again if you re-install the
sensor's battery or wait at least 20
minutes after the last time the sensor
detects the magnet.
Speed is not detected until you
tighten the angle adjustment screw
of the arm.


Table of Contents

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