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Before Use (Important); Safety Precautions - Pioneer SGY-CS500 User Manual

Speed & cadence sensor
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Before Use (Important)

Safety Precautions

About this Device
Do not throw this device, strike it
with a hammer or other object, or
pierce this device in any way.
Do not use or leave this device in
places where it will be exposed to
extremely high temperatures, such
as near a stove or fire.
Always keep this device out of the
reach of infants and small children.
About this Device
Do not use this device if it emits an
unusual odor, heats up, changes
color or shape, or if any other
abnormalities occur during use.
Do not place this device in a
microwave oven or expose it to high
pressure, since the device may
overheat, rupture, or ignite.
Keep the lithium battery out of the
reach of children. Should the battery
be swallowed, immediately consult a


Table of Contents

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