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If The Thread Becomes Tangled Under The Bobbin Winder Seat - Brother 888-M00 Operation Manual

Embroidery and sewing machine
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Slowly turn the handwheel toward you
(counterclockwise), and look from all sides to check
that the needle falls at the center of the opening in the
needle plate.
If the needle contacts the needle plate, remove the
needle plate, and then install it again, starting with step
in "Removing the fabric from the machine" on
page 82.
Select stitch . At this time, increase the stitch length
and width to their maximum settings.
• For details on changing the settings, refer to "Setting
the stitch width" on page 29 and "Setting the stitch
length" on page 29.
Slowly turn the handwheel toward you
(counterclockwise) and check that the needle bar and
feed dogs operate correctly.
If the needle or feed dogs contact the needle plate, the
machine may be malfunctioning; therefore, contact
your nearest Brother authorized service center.
Turn off the machine, and then install the bobbin and
presser foot.
Never use a scratched or damaged presser foot.
Otherwise, the needle may break, or sewing
performance may suffer.
• Refer to "Installing the bobbin" on page 16 and
"Replacing the presser foot" on page 23.
Correctly thread the machine.
• For details on threading the machine, refer to "Upper
Threading" on page 17.
Perform trial sewing with cotton fabric.
• Incorrect sewing may be the result of incorrect upper
threading or sewing thin fabrics. If there are poor results
from the trial sewing, check the upper threading or the
type of fabric being used.
1 Opening in the needle
2 Handwheel
If the thread becomes tangled under the
bobbin winder seat
If the bobbin winding starts when the thread is not passed
under the pretension disk of the bobbin-winding thread guide
correctly, the thread may become tangled under the bobbin
winder seat.
• Do not remove the bobbin winder seat even if
the thread become tangled under the bobbin
winder seat. Otherwise, the cutter in the
bobbin winder seat may be damaged.
• Do not remove the screw on the bobbin
winder guide post, otherwise the machine may
be damaged; you cannot wind off the thread
by removing the screw.
1 Screw of the bobbin winder guide post
Stop the bobbin winding.
Cut the thread with scissors beside the bobbin-winding
thread guide.
Slide the bobbin winder shaft to the left, and then
remove the bobbin from the shaft and cut the thread
leading to the bobbin in order to be able to completely
remove the bobbin from shaft.
Hold the thread end with your left hand, and wind off
the thread clockwise from under the bobbin winder
seat with your right hand as shown below.

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