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Using The Memory Function; Saving Embroidery Patterns - Brother 888-M00 Operation Manual

Embroidery and sewing machine
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Using the Memory Function

■ Embroidery data precautions
• When using embroidery data other than our
original patterns, the thread or needle may
break when embroidering with a stitch density
that is too fine or when embroidering three or
more overlapping stitches. In that case, use
one of our original data design systems to edit
the embroidery data.
 Types of embroidery data that can be used
Only .pes, .phc, and .dst embroidery data files can be
used with this machine. Using data other than that saved
using our data design systems or machines may cause the
machine to malfunction.
 Embroidery pattern size
This machine is compatible with embroidery patterns up
to a maximum of 10 cm × 10 cm (4 inches × 4 inches).
 USB flash drive
USB flash drive is commercially available, but some USB
flash drives may not be usable with this machine. Please
visit our website " " for more details.
 Precautions on using the computer to create and save
We recommend using the 26 letters of the alphabet
(uppercase and lowercase), the numbers 0 through 9,"-",
and "_" for the name of the file/folder.
 Tajima (.dst) embroidery data
• .dst data is displayed in the pattern list screen by file
name (the actual thumbnail image cannot be
• Since Tajima (.dst) data does not contain specific
thread color information, it is displayed with our
default thread color sequence. Check the preview and
change the thread colors as desired.

Saving embroidery patterns

You can save embroidery patterns that you have customized
in the machine's memory or USB flash drive.
• Do not turn the main power to OFF while the [Saving...]
screen is displayed. You will lose the pattern you are
when the pattern you want to save is in the
pattern editing screen or embroidery settings screen.
When saving the embroidery pattern in a USB flash
drive, insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on
the machine.
Press the desired destination to start saving.
1 Save to the machine's memory.
2 Save to the USB flash drive.
The pattern is saved in a folder labeled "bPocket".
Using the Memory Function

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