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Turning The Machine On/Off - Brother 888-M00 Operation Manual

Embroidery and sewing machine
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Turning the Machine On/Off

• Use only regular household electricity for the
power source. Using other power sources may
result in fire, electric shock, or damage to the
• Make sure that the plugs on the power cord
are firmly inserted into the electrical outlet
and the power cord receptacle on the
machine. Otherwise, a fire or electric shock
may result.
• Do not insert the plug on the power cord into
an electrical outlet that is in poor condition.
• Turn the main power to OFF and remove the
plug in the following circumstances:
• When you are away from the machine
• After using the machine
• When the power fails during use
• When the machine does not operate correctly
due to a bad connection or a disconnection
• During electrical storms
• Use only the power cord included with this
• Do not use extension cords or multi-plug
adapters with any other appliances plugged
into them. Fire or electric shock may result.
• Do not touch the plug with wet hands. Electric
shock may result.
• When unplugging the machine, always turn
the main power to OFF first. Always grasp the
plug to remove it from the electrical outlet.
Pulling on the cord may damage the cord, or
lead to fire or electric shock.
• Do not allow the power cord to be cut,
damaged, modified, forcefully bent, pulled,
twisted, or bundled. Do not place heavy
objects on the cord. Do not subject the cord to
heat. These things may damage the cord, or
cause fire or electric shock. If the cord or plug
is damaged, take the machine to your
authorized Brother dealer for repairs before
continuing use.
• Unplug the power cord if the machine is not to
be used for a long period of time. Otherwise, a
fire may result.
Turning the Machine On/Off
• (For U.S.A. only)
This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade
wider than the other). To reduce the risk of
electrical shock, this plug is intended to fit in a
polarized electrical outlet only one way.
If the plug does not fit fully in the electrical
outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit,
contact a qualified electrician to install the
proper electrical outlet. Do not modify the
plug in any way.
Make sure that the machine is turned off (the main
power switch is set to "
cord into the power supply jack on the right side of the
Insert the plug of the power cord into a household
electrical outlet.
1 Power supply jack
2 Main power switch
Press the right side of the main power switch on the
right side of the machine to turn the machine on (set it
to "I").
 The light, LCD and the "Start/Stop" button light up
when the machine is turned on. The needle and the
feed dogs will make a sound when they move; this is
not a malfunction.
When the machine is turned on, the opening movie is
played. Press anywhere on the screen.
• When you first turn on the machine, select the language
of your choice.
To turn off the machine, press the left side of the main
power switch (set it to "
"), and then plug the power

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