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   Summary of Contents for AEG 10660GN-MN

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    EN User manual COOKER 461308...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    7. ENVIRONMENT CONCERNS .................25 FOR PERFECT RESULT Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simple- features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Please a few minutes reading to get the very best from it.

  • Page 3: Safety Information

    ENGLISH 1. SAFETY INFORMATION You have purchased one of our left within easy reach of children products for which we thank you. We because they are a potential hazard are confident that this new appliance, source. All packaging materials used modern, functional and practical, made are environmentally-friendly and with top quality materials, will meet all...

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    the oven glass door since they can to ensure that they not play with the scratch the surface, which may result appliance. in shattering of the glass. Never use sponges or abrasive children aged from 8 years and above products, and solvents to remove and persons with reduced physical, stains or adhesives on the painted or sensory or mental capabilities or...

  • Page 5: Product Description

    ENGLISH are in the off or closed position, off the electrical supply and do checking that the “0” of the knob not tamper with it. All repairs or adjustments must be carried out serigraphed on the front panel. with maximum care and the proper attention of an authorised person.

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    Gas oven thermostat knob (B) By rotating the knob in an anticlockwise direction, the following functions appear: = Closed position from Min. to Max = Oven temperatures (260°C) Timer (E) To set cooking time, first wind the timer up by turning it completely once from left to right and then back to the number of minutes you want.

  • Page 7: Operation

    ENGLISH leaving the minute counter time showing on the display and the symbol lights counter function up. Time is given in seconds during To correct or cancel the time set on countdown. At the end of the set time the minute counter, press keys 2 and the buzzer goes off, the symbol 3 simultaneously and then release key...

  • Page 8

    and fats are highly inflammable when Burners Ø pan cm overheated). Ultrarapid 22÷24 Rapid 20÷22 temperatures indicated on the Semi-rapid 16÷18 thermostat knob. Auxiliary 12÷14 strongly recommend not to cover the base of the oven or the grill with aluminium foil or other materials. in the grill pan.

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    ENGLISH knob pressed for about 15 seconds. If, at the end of this time, the burner introducing the end in the seat and fails to light, release the knob and unscrew and remove the hand grip wait at least 1 minute before trying from the spit.

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    Meat: because the cold air would stop the yeast from rising. needed is more than 40 minutes, turn the oven off 10 minutes before the end oven off and leave it in for about 10 of cooking time to exploit the residual minutes.

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    ENGLISH Cooking/baking table Weight Temperature shelf from the bottom in minutes CAKES Angel Cake Fruit Cake 35-40 Almond Cake 40-45 Chocolate Cake 30-40 PASTRIES Biscuits in general Brioches 190-220 25-35 Puff pastry 10-15 Shortcrust pastry BAKED PASTA Lasagne 210-225 55-65 Cannelloni 210-225 55-65...

  • Page 12: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Grilling table Weight shelf from the bottom 1st side 2nd side MEAT Chop 0.50 Beefsteaks 0.15 Half chicken (each half) FISH Trout 0.42 Sole 0.20 BREAD Toast CHICKEN 60-80 The values given in the tables (temperatures and cooking times) are approximate and may vary according to each person’s cooking habits.

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    ENGLISH (fig.10) To reassemble the glass, proceed in the reverse order, being careful not to pinch your Oven door removal (for certain models) The oven door can be removed to give easier access to the oven when cleaning. Fig. 8 To remove, proceed as follows: nail (R) in the hole (F) of the hinge (fig.

  • Page 14

    Oven seal The oven seal guarantees the correct functioning of the oven. We recommend you: products. If the oven door seal has become hard or is damaged, contact our Service Fig. 10 it has been repaired. Replacing the oven lamp (fig.11) Ensure the appliance is switched off Self-cleaning panels before replacing the lamp to avoid the...

  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    ENGLISH Oven side-guide rails For an effective cleaning of the oven side-guide rails, these can be extracted unscrewing knurled nuts To fit the rails back in their place, first insert rear pins in holes and then secure them with the knurled nuts Fig.

  • Page 16: Installation

    5. INSTALLATION Technical information slitting the plastic film along the edges with a sharp knife or pin. Warning! ALWAYS USE SAFETY GLOVES WHILE HANDLING THE The packaging materials used (cardboard, COOKER bags, polystyrene foam, nails etc.) must not be left anywhere within easy reach of children and maintenance operations listed in this as they are a potential hazard source.

  • Page 17: Gas Connection

    ENGLISH Location and aeration positioned on the back of the hob and then to fix the backgaurd as indicated Gas cookers must always discharge the in figure 19. products of combustion and the moisture through hoods connected to flues or accessible once the appliance is directly to the outside (fig.

  • Page 18

    using threaded fittings in accordance with the UNI-ISO 7/1 standard. The accordance with the standard, with an use of hemp with suitable adhesives 8 mm diameter, minimum 400 mm in or Teflon tape as a sealant is allowed. length, maximum 1500 mm in length, firmly secured to the hose fitting with a safety clamp as per the standard.

  • Page 19

    ENGLISH Adjustments technician following any adjustment or regulation. (simmer) must be undertaken only with burners functioning on natural gas while in the case of burners functioning on L.P.G, the screw must be locked down fully (in clockwise direction). burners is unnecessary. Taps (fig.

  • Page 20

    Conversions Our burners can be adapted to different Oven burner (fig. 23) types of gas by simply installing the injectors suitable for the gas you want to The burner is installed on the oven base use. To help the installer, the table in the and is covered by the bottom plate which “TECHNICAL INFORMATION”...

  • Page 21: Electrical Connection

    ENGLISH Maintenance same procedure but in the reverse order. changing parts, disconnect the appliance from the gas and electricity power sources. Replacing the taps and thermostat Proceed in the following way when replacing a tap or the thermostat: (fig. 26).(four for ultrarapid burner and two for the other burners) Fig.

  • Page 22

    amperage is adequate for the not be cut out by the switch. appliance maximum power (see Changing the flexible gas hose data label affixed on the back of the cooker). In order to guarantee that the gas hose is always in excellent condition we strongly earth connection in accordance with recommend changing it on the date you current standards and prescriptions of...

  • Page 23: Technical Information

    ENGLISH 6. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Burner disposition on the hob Operating Diameter Heat Air Reg. BURNERS Pressure Rate Injectors Input Sleve BY-Pass Sabaf Opening N. DENOMINATION mbar 1/100 mm “X”mm 1/100mm 1 Rapid GPL 30 3000 Complete 2 Semi-rapide GPL 30 1800 Complete 3 Auxiliary...

  • Page 24: Environment Concerns

    7. ENVIRONMENT CONCERNS The appliance was designed and made in accordance with the European standards listed below: The user is responsible for => EN 30-1-1, EN 30-2-1 and EN 437 delivering the appliance to the plus subsequent amendments appropriate collection centre at the (gas) end of its useful life, Failure to do =>...

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    15 : 20 :...

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    1-UNI-ISO U N I-IS O 7 /1...

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    50 mm...

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    Sabaf 1/100 1/100 3000 GPL 30 1800 GPL 30 1000 GPL 30 3800 GPL 30 3250 GPL 30 4800 GPL 30 3400 GPL 30 96-Z 96-Z 945 ÷ 905 1502 ÷ 1447 885 ÷ 845 912 ÷ 857 1000 T 300 - E 14 - 15 W 15 W H05V2V2 3 ×...

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    • ) (PL) • • • (PL) .(1 3 ) (S) R C D...

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    1 0 A...

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    • • • • • • ." "...

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    ) (B ) • •...

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    " " " .(" ÷ ÷ ÷ ÷...

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    - 2 4 . 0 0 0 . 0 1 "0. 00" = 0 . 9 9 0 . 0 1...

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    7 -9 1 0 -1 6 1 9-27...

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    EN 437 EN 30-2-1 EN 30-1-1 EN 60 335-2-6 EN 60 335-1 .(BT EC 2006/95 (EMC EC 2004/108 EC 2009/142 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EC 89/109 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .EC/2002/96...

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    AEG 1066 GN-MN...

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