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Get Started; Install And Charge The Phone; Low Battery Indicator - Samsung SM-Z300H/DD User Manual


Table of Contents
Make sure you have each item
• Phone
• Adapter
• Stereo headset
• Battery
• Battery travel holder
• User's manual
Suitable Adapter or Charger, certified according to the relevant safety standard, will be provided
for each country in use.
You can obtain the following accessories for your phone from your local Samsung dealer.
• Multi adapter
• Travel charger
• Car charger
• PC data cable
• Portable battery kit
• Portable PC data cable
• Music controller
• Bluetooth mono/ stereop headset kit

Get started

First steps to operate your phone

Install and charge the phone

1. Install the battery:
To remove the battery, slide the battery catch toward the top of the phone and hold it.
2. Plug the adapter into the phone.
3. Plug the adapter into a standard AC wall outlet.
4. When the phone is completely charged (the battery icon stops blinking), unplug the
adapter from the power outlet.
5. Remove the adapter from the phone.

Low battery indicator

When the battery is low:
• a warning tone sounds,
• the battery low message displays, and
• the empty battery icon [
] blinks.
If the battery level becomes too low, the phone automatically turns off. Recharge your


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents