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Samsung SM-Z300H/DD User Manual page 3


Table of Contents
Sensible use
Use only in the normal position (held to your ear). Avoid unnecessary contact with the
antenna when the phone is switched on.
Emergency calls
Key in the emergency number for your present location, then press [
Keep your phone away from small children
Keep the phone and all its parts, including accessories, out of the reach of small children.
Accessories and batteries
Use only Samsung-approved batteries and accessories, such as headsets and PC data
cables. Use of any unauthorised accessories could damage you or your phone and may
be dangerous.
• The phone could explode if the battery is replaced with an incorrect type.
• Dispose of used batteries according to the manufactureri's instructions.
Excessive exposure to sound at high volumes can cause hearing damage.
Always turn the volume down before plugging the earphones into an audiosource and
use only the minimum volume setting necessary to hear your conversation or music.
Qualified service
Only qualified service personnel may repair your phone.
For more detailed safety information, see ¡°Health and safety information¡± on page 20.


Table of Contents

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