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Samsung SM-Z300H/DD User Manual page 9


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Your correspondent cannot hear you speaking
• Be sure you have switched off the microphone.
• Be sure you are holding the phone close enough to your mouth. The microphone is
located at the bottom of the phone.
The phone starts beeping and ¡°LOW BATTERY ¡° flashes on the display
• Your battery is insufficiently charged. Recharge the battery.
The audio quality of the call is poor
• Check the signal strength indicator on the display (
The number of bars indicates the signal strength from strong (
• Try moving the phone slightly or moving closer to a window if you are in a building.
No number is dialled when you re-call a Contacts entry
• Use the Contact Search feature to ensure the number has been stored correctly.
• Re-store the number, if necessary.
If the above guidelines do not help you to solve the problem, take note of:
• The model and serial numbers of your phone
•Your warranty details
•A clear description of the problem
Then contact your local dealer or Samsung after-sales service.
) to weak (


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