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NEC NP02LM Installation Manual page 11

Wireless lan unit
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Setting up the Projector for a Wireless LAN Connection (with the Wireless LAN Unit equipped)
Hints on How to Set Up LAN Connection
To set up the projector for a LAN connection:Access the HTTP server function to display the web
browser (→ page xx) and select [NETWORK SETTINGS] → [SETTINGS] → [WIRELESS LAN] →
[PROFILE 1] or [PROFILE 2].Two settings can be set for the USB Wireless LAN Unit.Next select
[SETTINGS] for your selected profile, and set [ENABLE] or [DISABLE] for [DHCP], [IP ADDRESS],
[SUBNET MASK], and [GATEWAY]. Last click [SAVE]. To reflect changes, click the [SETTING] tab
and then click [APPLY]. (→ page xx)
To recall LAN settings stored in the profile number:Use [PROFILE 1] or [PROFILE 2] set on the
HTTP server, from the projector' menu, select [SETUP] → [WIRELESS LAN] → [PROFILE] →
[PROFILE 1] or [PROFILE 2]. Last select [OK] and press the ENTER button. (→ page xx)
To connect a DHCP server:From the projector menu, select [SETUP] → [WIRED LAN] →
[SETTINGS] → [DHCP] → [ON] and press the ENTER button. To specify IP address without using
the DHCP server, use the HTTP server function. (→ page xx)
To set only for wireless LAN (NETWORK TYPE and WEP/WPA):Access the HTTP server function



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