NEC LED-E012i User Manual

NEC LED-E012i User Manual

Led module
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User's Manual
LED Module
[Models for indoor use]
MODELS: LED-E012i, LED-E015i, LED-E018i, LED-E025i


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  • Page 1 User’s Manual LED Module [Models for indoor use] LED-E012i LED-E015i LED-E018i LED-E025i MODELS: LED-E012i, LED-E015i, LED-E018i, LED-E025i...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Important Information ..............English-1 About the LED lamps ..............English-4 Lamp break-in ...................... English-4 Contents ..................English-5 Related Items for Installation ............English-6 Parts Name ..................English-7 Wiring ....................English-8 Specifications .................English-9 Diagram ..................English-10...
  • Page 3: Important Information

    Important Information Safety Precautions and Maintenance FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING WHEN SETTING UP AND USING THE LED DISPLAY SYSTEM: About the Symbols To ensure safe and proper use of the product, this manual uses a number of symbols to prevent injury to you and others as well as damage to property.
  • Page 4 ● Be sure to read the following before using the product to use it correctly and safely. WARNING Do not apply vibrations or shocks to the Install the product so that the vents are not product. obstructed. Make sure there are enough people available Do not install the product to unstable to ensure safety (at least two people) when locations or locations subject to vibrations.
  • Page 5 CAUTION Do not damage the power cord. Do not put Do not use or store the product in the heavy objects on it, place it near heaters, pull following places. it with excessive strength, or apply a strong • Near heaters force on it while it is bent.
  • Page 6: About The Led Lamps

    About the LED lamps LED lamps are sensitive to static electricity and surge voltage, which may damage their components and decrease their reliability. Take measures against static electricity during the installation. Do not touch the LED display areas. The LED lamps may absorb and hold moisture during the LED module installation or if not used for a long time.
  • Page 7: Contents

    Contents The supplied parts are as follows. In case one of these parts is missing or damaged, contact the retailer. [Cabinet] [Pixel card] 4 cards per cabinet English - 5...
  • Page 8: Related Items For Installation

    Related Items for Installation The items required when installing the system are shown below. Contact your retailer for more details. [Power cord] To connect the LED module to the power distributor [LAN cable] To connect two LED modules together To connect the LED module to the LED controller [Installation bracket] [Connection screw for [Cabinet alignment bracket]...
  • Page 9: Parts Name

    Parts Name 1 Pixel card 2 Cabinet 3 LAN cable input/output 4 LAN cable input (not used with this product) 5 Power cord input/output English - 7...
  • Page 10: Wiring

    Wiring (1) Maximum number of signal connections The maximum number of connections per LAN cable is shown below. Product name Maximum number of connections LED-E012i 5 modules LED-E015i 7 modules LED-E018i 10 modules LED-E025i 20 modules CAUTION The maximum number of connections may differ depending on the connected LED controller. Therefore, check the specifications of the LED controller you are using.
  • Page 11: Specifications

    Specifications LED-E012i LED-E015i LED-E018i LED-E025i LED configuration 3-in-1 SMD Pixel pitch 1.25 mm 1.56 mm 1.88 mm 2.50 mm Number of displayed pixels 480 × 270 384 × 216 320 × 180 240 × 135 (resolution/module) Brightness 600 cd/m 600 cd/m...
  • Page 12: Diagram

    Diagram LED-E012i / LED-E015i / LED-E018i / LED-E025i (Unit: mm) English - 10...
  • Page 13 According to EU directive 2006/66/EC and amendments, the battery can’t be disposed improperly. The battery shall be separated to collect by local service. Service & Support in Europe Please contact: Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH. Landshuter Allee 12-14, D-80637 München Phone: + 49 (0) 89/99699-0...

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