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Cisco DATAVOX 7960 User Manual


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Summary of Contents for Cisco DATAVOX 7960

  • Page 1 CISCO IP PHONE USER GUIDE 7960/61/40/41...
  • Page 2 Getting Dial Tone You can either lift Handset, press Speakerphone button (for Office use only), press Headset button, or press Line buttons corresponding to each line or extension. Making a Call 1. For internal calls, dial the extension of the person you are calling. 2.
  • Page 3 Muting a Call 1. Press the Mute button. When mute function is activated the button will light up red. 2. To disengage, press the Mute button again. Note: The Mute button will mute the microphone on the Handset or Speakerphone. Redialing a Number 1.
  • Page 4 Making Conference Calls Establishing a Conference Call 1. Press the More soft key until you see the Confrn soft key. 2. Press the Confrn soft key. This automatically places the first caller on hold and accesses a new line. 3. Place a call to another extension or external number. 4.
  • Page 5 Settings Contrast 1. Press Settings. Press #1 or Select soft key for Contrast 2. Use Down and Up soft keys to adjust contrast of screen to a lighter or darker image. 3. Press Okay soft key then Save soft key. Ring Tone 1.
  • Page 6 Help Press the Help button to receive instructions on the use of any feature 1. Press the Help button. 2. Press the feature button or soft key that you need help with. 3. Instructions on the use of that feature will be displayed on your phone. Questions? To ask questions or send emails regarding the new phone system, please forward them to the following email address:...
  • Page 7 SoftKeys Reference List SYS SPD Allows you to dial using a speed dial index number Answer Allows you to answer a call. CallBack Allows you to receive notification when a busy extension becomes available Cancel Allows you to cancel an action or exit a screen without applying changes. CFwdALL Allows you to set up or cancel call forwarding Clear...

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