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Cuc Solid State Console Unit Controller - Bosch CA Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Water-to-air heat pump
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CA Model
FREEZE SENSOR: The freeze sensor input is active
all the time, if a freeze option is not selected the
freeze terminals will need a jumper. There are two
(2) configurable freeze points, 26°F & 15°F. The unit
will enter a soft lock out until the temperature
climbs above the set point and the anti-short cycle
time delay has expired. The freeze sensor will shut
the compressor output down after 30 seconds of
water flow loss and report a freeze condition.
It is recommended to have a flow switch to prevent
the unit from running if water flow is lost.
NOTICE: If unit is employing a fresh water
system (no anti-freeze protection), it is
extremely important to have the Freeze1
R30 resistor set to 26°F in order to shut
down the unit at the appropriate leaving
water temperature and protect your heat
pump from freezing.
INTELLIGENT RESET: If a fault condition is initiated,
the 5 minute delay on break time period is initiated
and the unit will restart after these delays expire.
During this period the fault LED will indicate the
cause of the fault. If the fault condition still exists or
occurs 2 or 4 times (depending on 2 or 4 setting for
Lockout dip switch) before 60 minutes, the unit will
go into a hard lockout and requires a manual lockout
reset. A single condensate overflow fault will cause
the unit to go into a hard lockout immediately, and
will require a manual lockout reset.
LOCKOUT RESET: A hard lockout can be reset by
turning the unit thermostat off and then back on
when the "RESET" dip switch is set to "Y" or by
shutting off unit power at the circuit breaker when
the "RESET" dip switch is set to "R".
The blower motor will remain active during a lockout
Always check incoming line
voltage power supply and secondary control
voltage for adequacy.
CA Model
Console Unit Controller
Designed to enhance the unit operation with more
flexibility, accurate control and operating modes the
CUC provides an increased level of comfort in the
conditioned space together with solid state reliability
and ease of operation.
The safety functions of the proven UPM module are
incorporated into the CUC for unit protection.
In addition the following features are present.
Tactile touch pad for temperature, fan and mode
Digital display of temperature in either degrees
Fahrenheit or Celsius.
LED Display provides indication for unit operating
mode as well as fan speed and fault indication for
high or low pressure lockout.
Adjustable Temperature Set point from 60° F
through 80° F (15.5° C through 26.7° C).
Adjustable Temperature Differential between 1° F
and 6° F (0.6° C and 3.3° C).
Selectable options
- Manual/Automatic changeover
- Fan speed – High or Low
- Fan operation constant fan or cycling with
Additional features
- 5 minute anti short cycling delay
- Random start
- 90 second low pressure bypass timer prevents
nuisance lockouts during cold winter start up
- Intelligent reset allows the unit to automatically
restart after 5 minutes if a fault is no longer active
NOTICE: 40° F clamp-on freeze stat located on
the water out piping, where loop temperature
is expected to go below water freezing
temperature, this stat should be removed
from the safety circuit. Based on the
application an appropriate amount of
antifreeze must be used to protect the heat
pump from freezing. The freeze stat is wired in
series with the HP switch and the same fault
code will be displayed for either condition
Refer to the Unit Wiring Diagram
Figure # 4
CUC Solid State | 9


Table of Contents

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