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Honeywell evohome Security User Manual

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User guide
evohome Security



  Summary of Contents for Honeywell evohome Security

  • Page 1 Home User guide evohome Security...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INDEX Introduction Controlling your system Contactless tag reader (SPR-S8EZS) Wireless remote control key fob (TCC800MS) Wireless panic button (TCPA1BS) Honeywell Total Connect Comfort International iOS/Android app evohome Security hub LED indications Types of alerts and alarms generated Battery maintenance Troubleshooting...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    “Installation Guide”. The evohome security system is an alarm system that can be accessed and controlled locally or remotely. A contactless tag reader (SPR-S8EZS), wireless remote control key fob (TCC800MS) or wireless panic button (TCPA1BS) are used for the local operation.
  • Page 4: Controlling Your System

    CONTROLLING YOUR SYSTEM Your evohome security system can be controlled via the following interfaces listed below: Note there is no ability to control the system via your Total Comfort Connect (TCC) security web account • Contactless tag reader (SPR-S8EZ) •...
  • Page 5 CONTROLLING YOUR SYSTEM How to use the tag reader The security system can be set in two different arming modes: • Total arm / total set: this mode is used when you leave your premises. • Partial arm / partial set: this mode is used when you want to use your system while in your home (at night for example).
  • Page 6 CONTROLLING YOUR SYSTEM To disarm the system when in total arm mode After entering the home whilst armed via the protected door, the system will being a 30 second entry delay and the green LED light shown below in step1 will flash fast during this period. If not disarmed within 30 seconds then an intruder alarm will be triggered.
  • Page 7: Wireless Remote Control Key Fob (Tcc800Ms)

    CONTROLLING YOUR SYSTEM The tag reader LED lights Set/Unset status (green): Fast flashing during the entry/exit delay Slow flashing when the system is in partial arm mode Off when the system is unset and after the exit delay Faults status (red): On when a fault is present (detailed on the webserver) Slow flashing in case of tag reader low battery Off in normal situation...
  • Page 8: Wireless Panic Button (Tcpa1Bs)

    Push button Press the button for approximately 1 second and release it to send a signal to the evohome security hub to which will trigger an alert. A silent email/SMS notification will be triggered by the system without generating any alarm sounds...
  • Page 9: Honeywell Total Connect Comfort International Ios/Android App

    “Honeywell Total Connect Comfort International” iOS/Android app The “Honeywell Total Connect Comfort International” app allows you also control and view your evohome security hub system from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet remotely whilst away from home. Ensure that your iOS/Android device is connected to the internet via wifi or mobile network before using this app.
  • Page 10: Evohome Security Hub Led Indications

    EVOHOME SECURITY HUB LED INDICATIONS The evohome security hub has three lights as shown below. Light 2 Light 3 Light 1 Light 1: Indication on the power supply state of the hub • Green fixed: the hub is correctly powered •...
  • Page 11 TYPES OF ALARMS AND ALERT GENERATED The evohome security hub generates the following types of alarms. Up to 3 registered contacts will receive an alert via email/SMS provided they have been setup within your TCC security account during installation of your system.
  • Page 12: Battery Maintenance

    2. The remote control key key fob does not operate my system. Ensure the remote control key fob is operated within operating range of the evohome security hub Ensure that the key fob is correctly registered with the system before using them.
  • Page 13: Trouble Shooting

    5. The system does not alarm or send any alert to any contacts after the protected door window sensor or motion sensor is triggered when armed. Ensure that the sensor is installed within operating range of the evohome security hub. If too far then locate closer to the hub Ensure that the sensors and all siren accessories are correctly registered to your system.
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