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This document is intended to help you with the operation of your evohome hub based security system
following the installation procedure as described in the online "Installation Guide".
The evohome security system is an alarm system that can be accessed and controlled locally or
remotely. A contactless tag reader (SPR-S8EZS), wireless remote control key fob (TCC800MS) or
wireless panic button (TCPA1BS) are used for the local operation. A free iOS or Android app is available
for the remote control security operation as well as capturing and playing back photo images (only for
optional wireless motion sensor with camera accessory (CAMIR-8EZS)
Note that the Total Comfort Connect (TCC) security web portal cannot be used to perform remote control of
the system and is only intended for setting up your accounts and system
There are 2 modes of arming available for the system:
Total arm – All sensors in the home are activated to protect all covered areas in the home whilst
you are away
Partial arm – Only selected motion sensors or door window sensors in the home are protected
when "Partial mode" is activated. Typically this is used to activate only those sensors installed
downstairs in your home whilst you are asleep at night upstairs or in another area of the home.
(The partial mode setup for those sensors can be done in your security account within the TCC web
portal (See URL link above)
In the event of an intrusion detected by any of the sensors, the system will alert up to 3 contacts via
email by default and SMS text message provided this option has been setup in your TCC security web
account. Also an SOS or panic (personal attack) alert can be triggered by any connected contactless
tag reader (SPR-S8EZS), wireless remote control key fob (TCC800MS) or wireless panic button
In addition if your system consist of a contactless tag reader, a wireless battery siren or a wireless
battery internal siren, then an alarm sound will be heard until the system is disarmed or reaches the
end of the alarm duration.
The system comprises three types of components:
evohome security hub which is the core of the system: it communicates with all the other
components of the system and transmits the alarms in case of a problem.
Control & Indication Equipment to operate the system (arming and disarming for example).
Sensors are installed in the premises and communicate with the hub in case of problems (intrusion,
fire, etc). Sirens are used to sound locally when an alarm is triggered.


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