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Quick guide
ReSound LiNX 3D


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for ReSound LINX 3D 61

  • Page 1 Quick guide ReSound LiNX 3D ™...
  • Page 2 My hearing aid information Programs: (if set up by your hearing care professional) Product: ReSound LiNX 3D PROGRAM WHEN TO USE BEEPS Model: 61 Serial number (R): _______________________________ Serial number (L): _______________________________ Battery size: 312...
  • Page 3 Get to know your hearing aid A. Program button E. Dome B. Microphones F. Battery door C. Receiver G. Right/Left indicator D. Wax guard View ReSound’s hearing aid tutorial videos at
  • Page 4 Monthly: Change the wax guard or see your hearing care professional. As needed: Change dome (E) For changing CeruSTOP (white) ™ ReSound standard domes wax guards, complete the following 1. Push the new dome over the steps: receiver. Removal: Insert the removal side 2.
  • Page 5: What You Need To Know

    What you need to know Regular care & maintenance Getting started: On/Off function Daily: Clean your hearing aid. ON: Insert battery & completely close Keep your hearing aids dry. Clean the hearing aids using a soft cloth battery door (F). Program 1 will or tissue.
  • Page 6: Inserting/replacing The Battery

    Inserting/Replacing the battery: Flight mode: Some airlines prohibit the use 1. Open the battery door (F) of wireless hearing aids (RF completely by transmitters) onboard. If required using your by your airline, enable flight mode: fingertip. Disable wireless operation by 2.
  • Page 7: Action Required

    (F) to exit flight mode Ripple tone Hearing aid is in streaming Use with wireless mode accessory or press multi- function button to exit streaming mode View ReSound hearing aid tutorial videos at
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting

    Device may be in flight mode Open and close the battery compartment (F) once. Wireless operation will reactivate ten seconds later. If there are any other problems not mentioned in this guide, please contact ReSound or your hearing care professional.
  • Page 9 For more information Refer to the user guide included in your hearing aid box. Your hearing care professional can be reached at: View ReSound hearing aid tutorial videos at Manufacturer according Manufacturer according to FDA: to Health Canada: ReSound North America ReSound Canada 8001 E.

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  • Joan Burdorff Sep 12, 2019 02:15:
    If I have the serial numbers for 2 hearing aids would someone be able to figure out which models I have?